Mission to Mars Book signing at Barnes & Noble

  • May 7, 2013
  • New York, NY
  • Barnes & Noble #2675

There will be a Mission to Mars Book signing at Barnes & Noble #2675:
33 East 17th Street NY, NY 10003 on Tuesday, May 7 2013 at 7:00pm

Buzz Aldrin - Mission to Mars My Vision For Space Exploration


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8 Responses to “Mission to Mars Book signing at Barnes & Noble”

  1. […] June 8 – Buzz Aldrin will be signing copies of his new book Mission to Mars at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which is located at 40 Presidential Drive in Simi Valley. http://buzzaldrin.com/mission-to-mars-book-signing-at-barnes-noble/ […]

  2. rockethero-admin says:

    The only way to get a signed copy of Mission to Mars at this time is to attend a book signing.

  3. Julie says:

    How can I preorder a book to be signed, if I can’t make the event? Thanks!

  4. Will W says:

    Looking forward to the book signing. It remains off of the store’s website.

  5. Jeff Hoppa says:

    Can we bring other books to have signed? My son has one of his children’s books – so excited to meet Buzz! Thanks!


  6. John masters says:

    Can we order signed copies from the UK? Thanks John

  7. rockethero-admin says:

    Yes! The B&N Signing is still happening Event Details Here.

    To make sure that everyone can have their books signed Buzz will not be personalizing books, he will only sign his name.

  8. Kevin Duerr says:

    Are we still on for B/N on May 7th? Seems they took it off their site. Will def have his new book signed, will he also sign my copy of Magnificent Desolation? Would love to have him personalize. Great Site! Thank you