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Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration Review for iPad
One not-so-small app for man could eventually help bring mankind to Mars. Leave it to astronaut Buzz Aldrin to pilot the way on the iPad.

Aldrin, who as a pilot on Apollo 11 was the second person to step foot on the moon, is the star of a new iPad application that promotes further exploration to Mars and outer space. With a greater commitment to the space program, Aldrin believes it is possible for a permanent colony to reside on Mars within the next 25 years.

At $2.99, Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD is a worthy investment for anybody who enjoys keeping their head in the clouds. Aldrin, who is known among younger generations as much for his appearances on Dancing with the Stars and 30 Rock as he is for his lunar stroll, believes his iPad and related iPhone app are part the of a 21st Century teaching constellation.

“(The iPhone) is a burgeoning communication device,” Aldrin explained to Appolicious. “Because applications are segmented into tailor-made categories, this is how education will be carried out into the future.”

The new iPad app, which was developed by The App Company in Los Angeles, comprehensively covers Buzz’s take on the space program. This includes a “to-do list” addressed to President Obama, video clips (including llive streaming of NASA TV), and information about Mars exploration and privately-funded ventures in space tourism.

As Aldrin is a hit all over cyberspace – he has more than 800,000 Twitter followers – the app is integrated to other online social networks and includes relevant blog posts written by Buzz and other people he admires. And of course there are “behind-the-scenes” photos from his recent jaunt on Dancing with the Stars.

Expect more features to be incorporated in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s famous Moon Speech, which will take place on May 25, 2011.

Not afraid to wear a purse
Just because Aldrin has flown to the moon and back doesn’t mean he gets to walk past security screenings at the airport. Like the rest of us, he has to carry things around wherever he travels. Constantly in touch with his iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry, Aldrin proudly sports a “murse”, his preferred definition of a “man purse”, to hold all of his digital devices.

An app enthusiast, Aldridge uses his iPhone for everything from voice dictation to checking on NFL scores. Fittingly, he is also a fan of navigation apps that “can compete with Garmin and Magellan.” A longtime veteran of video chat, Aldrin is a frequent user of Skype and a likely candidate for the new FaceTime app designed exclusively for the iPhone 4.

Now if there were only an app that can pour a decent glass of Tang.

[Brad Spirrison is Appolicious’ managing editor.]

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