Buzz Aldrin Remains Unconvinced Of Mars One’s Ability To Build Human Colony On Red Planet

Buzz Aldrin Remains Unconvinced Of Mars One’s Ability To Build Human Colony On Red Planet

Pioneering astronaut Buzz Aldrin wants to see humans on Mars by 2035, but he doesn’t think the nonprofit organization Mars One will be the first to achieve it.

Aldrin joined HuffPost Live this week to discuss his new book “Mission to Mars,” in which he outlines his vision for the future of space exploration. Aldrin told HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski that he commends Mars One for generating great interest in the idea of living on the planet permanently. Still, he said he’s not convinced they have the technology to build a human colony on Mars by their goal of 2023.

“Monumental achievements by humanity should be done by major organizations as much together as possible,” Aldrin said.

To date, Mars One has received about 165,000 applications from individuals who want to live out their lives on Mars. But the organization has received fewer than expected applications from astronauts.

Aldrin said that he believes international cooperation will be essential in advancing our exploration of Mars and that he’s skeptical of any one group or corporation who sets out to do it alone. He said he’s also skeptical of billionaire Elon Musk’s goal of reaching Mars in 15 years.

“Is there profit to be made as businesses usually do or is this a demonstration of one corporation and one individual leading?” Aldrin asked. “Where does that leave the world? Where does that leave the nation?”

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  • Ralf
    Posted at 15:12h, 07 September

    Why do you want to mars Mr.Aldrin?
    This planet is almost as lifeless as the moon.The travel there is very long, dangerous and risky for all.
    Do you believe really that this is repays to try?