Col. Buzz Aldrin, former Apollo lunar module pilot, gestures

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  • Jan and Lew Keys
    Posted at 18:39h, 20 April

    Hi Buzz we’re sorry we missed you on your visit to Sydney we hope you enjoyed yourself. We followed the Mercury; Gemini; and Apollo missions in this country with keen interest and you guys became and remain international heroes

    We agree with your vision of future of space exploration. Please keep at it they’ll eventually listen

    By the way we’re so glad you threw that punch, because you threw it on behalf of all of us. We hope it connected. That idiot deserved it. If you hadn’t someone else would’ve. You just happened to be closest

    Our very best wished to you, Buzz

    With kind regards

    Jan and Lew Keys

    ps If your still in Sydney for any length of time and would like to come to a good Aussie BBQ, please let us know

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