GEMINI 12 50th Anniversary

  • Team-Buzz
    Posted at 10:55h, 07 November

    This event will take place at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront in Cocoa Beach, FL. Click here for more info

  • Team-Buzz
    Posted at 10:54h, 07 November

    Jennifer, this event is actually going to take place in Cocoa Beach at Space Rendezvous 2016 – hosted by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

  • jacomus
    Posted at 09:38h, 06 November

    Hello Buzz happy anniversary of the Gemini XII mission

  • Don Preul
    Posted at 03:47h, 27 October

    Hi Buzz, I am the Curator of Ship Models at the USNA Museum. I am vuilding a model of Gemini XII for display. I have run into a small problem that I hope you can help me with. When you exited the capsule it appears that you installed a handrail between the Agena and the capsule. I can see in the video where it mounted dto the Agena but not to the capsule. If this is correct can you tell me where the mounting point is on the capsule. Thanks for your help. Don Preul

  • Emanuele
    Posted at 03:33h, 06 September

    I suppose this event will be at KSC in Florida during the annual ASF meeting. Will it also be an opportunity to get things signed by Buzz or only a presence? Thanks in advance

  • Millie Horne
    Posted at 11:58h, 14 April

    Where is this event?

  • Jennifer Varnagis
    Posted at 08:14h, 13 April

    I was just wondering for the anniversary of the Gemini XII mission, if Buzz might be in Chicago for it since the Adler Planetarium has the capsule? Would love the chance to meet him! Thanks!

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