Get the BUZZ on Buzz Aldrin

Get the BUZZ on Buzz Aldrin

When you think of Christopher Columbus and Lewis and Clark, you need to also include the name of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

They are all great American explorers who did things and traveled to places no one else has ever gone. Each has put their lives at risk and each underwent significant personal sacrifices. Lately you have likely seen Buzz appear on Dancing with the Stars, WWE, Third Rock, and the History Channel’s America-The Story of US. He is popping up everywhere with his attempts to force a more youthful interest in space exploration.

Buzz is best known for his lunar landing and his footsteps on the moon. He has taken one of the most memorable photographs of mankind. That picture of Neil Armstrong holding the American flag on the moon. Many people don’t realize the depth of this amazingly patriotic man and his efforts to secure a better life for all Americans and the rest of the world. To learn about this man and all that he has done, we have to travel back to his roots. When he graduated high school on the east coast it wasn’t Buzz who was selected by his class to be the most successful, it was his best friend. As a matter of fact, he was pictured with the caption “Rockets to the Moon” below his portrait.

Buzz and his friend (Winston Markey) were both offered scholarships to MIT, but Aldrin knew that the military wouldn’t likely let a “geek” fly, so he opted for West Point. Interestingly enough his friend signed his year book and it read, “I’ll build them, you fly them to the moon.” Amazingly enough, that’s exactly what happened.

After finishing third in his class from West Point, Buzz went to flight school and eventually got his jet wings and flew the saber and super saber jet in the Korean war. He made some other positional moves in the military and then was selected by NASA to become an astronaut.

Buzz Aldrin was a major factor in the success of the space program by inventing the protocol that is still used today to provide underwater zero G simulation. I asked him about the Sonny Carter building and how his name wasn’t on their and he is still confused about that after 40 years. I say we at least call that part of the facility the Aldrin pool, I will put that up to my friend Nigel, who runs the place.

Another main commitment to the space program from Buzz Aldrin was his engineering math that allows two orbiting space craft to join while moving. Those works eventually lead to a PhD for him from MIT. Thank GOD they finally recognized him as a “geek” after he was allowed to fly.

Any conversation with Buzz is inspiring. Just after my interview I was already to commit to the space program. I love people with passion and this 80+ year old man still has it. His feet never stop as he proved by his performance on Dancing with the Stars. He is still quite competitive and was still contradicting the judges’ choice to eliminate him.

If you are interested in the space program then Buzz has the APP for you. Available for immediate download you will be linked to the latest information related to space exploration. Buzz Aldrin is very committed to inspiring young people to take an interest in space travel and exploration. He suggest that we maintain this critical edge of technology by promoting our schools to use space exploration as an inspiration for the advancement of math, science and other related studies. It is hard since many people feel currently overwhelmed with the vast amount of information. We are already pushing towards our children, but none the less, Buzz is pushing the idea to keep America competitive in a global market. “Lots of other people want to beat us in space exploration,” Buzz stresses, “We have to maintain our superior space positioning, or we are going to lose out superior control and be at the mercy by other countries that will be calling the shots.”

Currently if you look at Buzz it is obvious he is quite blessed with an amazing set of genes. He stresses his daily routine of walking to stay fit and his diet program of eating healthy choices and portion control. Lately he has taken a keen interest in energy drinks and would love to help promote one if anyone is willing to capitalize on his name and image. He suggests that his current fitness routines also involves some daily mind exercises while he is working out. Buzz even reads and studies while he is training, “You have to be organized more as you age to get it all in.” You can’t argue the man has written several books and is on an aggressive schedule.
Lots of changes are now obvious with President Obama’s choice to stop further shuttle missions. Buzz feels that the current administration must act quickly to offer a goal of where the space program must go. That means likely the president needs to specifically say the destination of Mars and he also needs to set a date. President John F. Kennedy did this and changed the course of history. NASA needs a direction, more now than ever and Buzz adds that we don’t just need to go to Mars, but we need to establish a presence there.

Many people might ask a simple question that I asked Buzz. Why put out the effort, why risk so much to go to Mars? He answered with a simple statement, “What would have happened if no one explored west of the Mississippi?” It’s true, we can’t stop, we can’t just quit. It is in our nature to never be happy or content with our current situation and status. We all work for more, we can be thankful for what we have, but we always want to be fitter, healthier and our quest for knowledge can never rest. America has never been satisfied with second place and as a society it is necessary to bond and work together to achieve the next quest in space exploration, which is Mars.
So the next time you are watching your favorite PIXAR movie called Toy Story, don’t wander too long about the inspiration for the character of Buzz Lightyear. Yes, that was a tribute to Buzz and he loves that character and his statement, “To infinity, and BEYOUND!”

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