Grundig G6 Aviator Radio Specifications

Grundig G6 Aviator Radio Specifications

Tune in to AM, FM, aircraft band or shortwave frequencies easily with direct keypad entry. Use the multiple tuning features to quickly scan or browse stations.

This portable radio only weighs about 7 ounces, so you can always have your favorite stations at hand. The international clock and wake-up alarms keep you on schedule, wherever your travels take you.

The Grundig G6 Aviator brings you coverage of all medium-wave and shortwave frequencies, as well as FM bands.

Specifically, it covers three frequency ranges. The 520kHz to 30MHz frequency range grants access to the entire AM band and shortwave broadcasts with single-sideband tuning.

This far-reaching frequency range puts you in touch with news and entertainment from across the world, and also allows reception of ham radio operators, maritime and shortwave aeronautical stations.

The 88MHz to 108MHz band covers traditional FM radio, and the G6 Aviator passes its stereo signal through to the convenient headphone jack. Additionally, this radio also receives the 117MHz to 137MHz National Civilian Aeronautical Band, letting you monitor multiple aircraft communication frequencies.

The Grundig G6 Aviator tames its powerful tuning flexibility with a robust on-board memory system. It can store up to 700 stations with 4-character station naming. The Auto Tuning feature takes the hassle out of tuning in to multiple frequencies by automatically scanning and storing stations for FM, AM and shortwave signals.

Multiple scan tuning types make it easy to listen to new signals. The STOP tuning system stops on the next available frequency, while the D5 tuning system gives you a 5-second taste of each station before moving to the next. The G6 Aviator’s front panel is also equipped for manual and direct tuning, allowing you to punch in the exact frequency you want.

The digital signal meter dynamically shows signal strength, and is a valuable companion when adjusting an optional external antenna or manually tuning to distant stations.

Weighing in at only 7 ounces, the Grundig G6 Aviator is light enough to take anywhere. An included AC adapter provides power when at home or the office, and 2 AA batteries let you take this radio with you wherever you go. The key lock feature keeps you tuned in by preventing accidental button presses.

Additionally, the easy-to-read backlit LCD screen also displays an international clock with three programmable alarms, keeping you on schedule no matter where your travels take you.

What’s in the Box?
The Grundig G6 Aviator comes with an AC adaptor, earbuds for private listening and a protective carrying pouch.

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