Review: Buzz Aldrin’s iPhone App

Review: Buzz Aldrin’s iPhone App

In news which will million-tuple how often the phrase “space age technology” is used for phones, Buzz Aldrin has released an iPhone App. Yes, that Buzz Aldrin. Went to the moon Buzz Aldrin, and his branded App provides all the latest news in space exploration.

It’s a brilliantly targeted product: iPhone owners enjoy the latest and shiniest tech, and for all the sloth we’ve shown in space travel since the moonshots, blasting off for other planets remains the single most impressive concept we have. It’s the very picture of progress and technology. It’s an unfortunate indictment of our species that there were apps to check your Xbox Gamerscore and Facebook Farmville progress first, but it’s here now and that’s what matters.

Many space services are increasing their efforts to engage people in this most amazing adventure. I’ll never forget learning about the water on the moon – I was twittered by the LCROSS project while walking down the street. A single central update hub means you can keep up to the minute with the most magnificent task mankind ever set itself – without distracting from your suddenly-less-impressive-looking day job.

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