Space buffs can blast off with these NASA iPhone and iPad apps

Space buffs can blast off with these NASA iPhone and iPad apps

With NASA’s long-running space shuttle program winding down in the coming months, interest has peaked in attending one of the last few remaining launches at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida.

Shuttle Discovery’s final mission (STS-133, its 39th) is scheduled to roar off the launch pad on February 24. With a trio of KSC on-site viewing tickets and an ultra-rare parking pass in tow, my family and I will be there to see the historic launch.

These tickets have been burning a hole in our pockets since Discovery’s first launch attempt was scrubbed back in November. But that week of waiting, keeping close tabs on the shuttle and its astronauts, was made easier, and much more fun and informative, with the help of a few iPad/iPhone and Android apps for our mobile devices.

Click here to see a solid set of iOS (iPad/iPhone) titles are a must-have for all serious space buffs, no matter where you’ll be watching these final launches from!

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration
Old school NASA fans (think Mercury and Apollo) will be instantly “wowed” by this app. It’s all about looking back to the golden years of the space agency, through the eyes, ears, and voice of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin. There’s video, photos, personal stories, and full details of every major NASA initiative and program from the early days through 2011 and Obama’s robotic plans for our future in space. Also linked is NASA TV, JPL, and many other important news sources. Don’t miss the collection of must-check Twitter feeds from many space-centric sources. “It is… young people who are the generation that will take mankind’s next steps in exploring the frontiers of space,” said Aldrin in a recent interview. “This app is an amazing tool to both educate and entertain.”

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