.Let me say, as I sit here before you today having walked on the moon, that I am myself still awed by that miracle. That awe, in me and in each of us… must be the engine of future achievement, not a slow dimming light from a time once bright..

Buzz Aldrin – Daily News, May 1997

From his out-of-this-world achievements to ShareSpace Foundation to the Lunar Renaissance initiative to advising NASA on the best path forward, the Buzz doesn’t stop there. A true visionary, he sees what our future in space can hold, and encourages us to reach for the stars literally by advancing our capabilities and investing in a plan for long-term space exploration.

The door to the space frontier has opened. In its first 50 years, nearly 500 people have flown into space. Yet no nation has been back to the Moon or yet set foot on Mars. With strong public support, national leadership and international collaboration, we can open the door much wider.