Rocket Science

.My vision is to enable more and more people to experience the aspects of space travel, and I’d like to see different ways of getting to Earth’s orbit…. Access to Earth orbit is the most difficult part of space. Once you get there you can do many, many things..

Buzz Aldrin – Personal Notes on Developing the Concept of Multi-Crew Modules, August 17, 2003.

While Buzz is renowned for walking on the moon and respected as a premiere space advocate, he is also revered for his accomplishments as a rocket scientist. From his early years studying astronautics at MIT, through today, Buzz’s dedication to the development of human space exploration and affordable space tourism drives him to create cost-effective approaches to space transportation systems and habitats.

Here are some of his technical concepts, including his original rendezvous break-throughs, three US patents, a cycling space transportation system to reach Mars, reusable rocket booster designs for the next generation of space travel, and strategies for America’s return to the moon and on to Mars. Through his rocket design company, Starcraft Boosters, Inc., Buzz acts as a global ambassador for exploration and new developments in space technology. His designs demonstrate that we have the capacity to embolden the space-faring age.