Splashdown 2009 Report: Apollo 11 Astronaut Aldrin at USS Hornet

  • Jul 17, 2009
  • Examiner
  • By: Laurie Racca

The goal of Splashdown 2009 at the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda was ?onoring the Past….Inspiring the Future? And inspiring it was. Splashdown 2009 commemorated the 40th anniversary of the historic recovery of Apollo 11 by the USS Hornet after the successful landing of the first men on the moon.

The star of the event was former Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin who piloted the lunar module and was the second man to set foot on the moon. The hangar bay of the carrier was standing room only for Col. Aldrin? presentation. Many people carried multiple copies of his new memoir ?agnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home From the Moon?to be autographed.

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