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CNN: Buzz Aldrin reflects on Sputnik

Friday, January 28th, 2011

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien talks to Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin about what the “Sputnik moment” meant to him.

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Buzz on Fox News

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Buzz will be on Fox News with Jon Scott discussing the future of NASA today January 28, 2011 9:30AM PST.

Buzz Aldrin: 25 Years After Challenger Disaster – A Rededication to Space

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

As we reflect on the tragic loss of Challenger and her brave crew of heroes aboard that fateful day, Jan. 28, 1986, I am reminded that they truly represented the best of us. As they climbed aloft on a plume of propellant gasses, reaching for the stars, they inspired us who were earthbound.

They represented the inspiration that is uniquely space and planned to share their experiences with the classrooms of future explorers who might one day follow their path — and, perhaps, reach higher still — because of this great mission. A mission so tragically ended was, in a moment, etched forever in our hearts and memories.

As we grieved at this great loss, President Ronald Reagan recited lines from another American hero — John Gillespie Magee Jr.’s memorable poem, “High Flight” — and reminded a grieving nation that “they slipped the surly bounds of Earth” to “touch the face of God.” The words inspired us, describing for us in poetry the great sacrifice and noble cause of the Challenger crew.

I am also reminded of three friends and heroes who we lost in the Apollo 1 fire — particularly my friend, Ed White, fellow West Pointer, track team and squadron-mate. Just 2 1/2 years after that tragic day, we boldly made our way to the moon, a journey we would complete in their honor with my colleagues, Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins, aboard Apollo 11.

And I think of the brave scientists and explorers of the Columbia tragedy, just eight years ago. They, too, are with us as we turn our attention to science that will one day help make possible human exploration beyond the constraints of our precious Earth-moon system — when the inevitable journey of humankind to the surface of Mars and into the cosmos will indeed begin in earnest.

These were the tragic beginnings along this path, and we can never forget their passion for space, their commitment and selfless dedication to it, the joy they experienced in the pursuit of it, and their heroic sacrifice, which took them from us.

It is for us to honor these great pioneers who were paving the way for our future, by continuing this great quest, that their hopes and dreams may be realized by those who were so inspired by their example.

In the present uncertainties of the space program, a great transitional opportunity exists, and we must rise to the challenge in the spirit of those who have so bravely shown the way forward, and for those who will follow. A great nation deserves no less, and their memories compel us to continue their journey.

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Artist Wendell Minor illustrates a beautiful shuttle launch honoring and remembering the seven members of the Challenger Crew.

Download Patriot dreams by Wendell Minor in high resolution

Happy Birthday, Buzz Aldrin!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

If you happen to have an extra-large ice cream cake lying around and you aren’t sure who to give it to today, maybe you should consider reserving the message in the icing for Buzz Aldrin, who celebrates his 81st birthday today. The man born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. is one of the great American heroes, as he has an astounding legacy as an astronaut, a member of the military, an ambassador for science education and a fantastically good sport. He is truly a living legend.

While Aldrin’s greatest achievement is undoubtedly his walk on the moon in 1969 (he was second out the door, just behind Neil Armstrong), he has made a name for himself as a pop culture icon in the ensuing decades. Most notably, he served as the model for the coveted Moonman trophy, which serves as the official trinket of the MTV Video Music Awards (images of Aldrin also figured prominently in early MTV commercials, and Aldrin gave out an award during the red carpet show at the 2009 VMAs). He has guest starred on a number of television shows, including “The Simpsons,” “Top Gear,” “Top Chef,” “Dancing With the Stars” and “30 Rock” (in a memorable episode of the latter, he played a whacked-out version of himself who shouted angrily at the moon).

Aldrin has even gotten involved in the music game, teaming up with Talib Kweli and Snoop Dogg for the 2009 track “The Rocket Experience” (a rap song endorsing learning about science in school, one of Aldrin’s great crusades in his latter years). As a musical tribute to him, we present “Me and the Moon” by the Drums.

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Buzz in BMW Documentary – Wherever You Want To Go

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Today Buzz will be featured in a four part documentary entitled, “Wherever You Want To Go” depicting a story for the future of mobility by BMW Documentaries.

You can see the trailer at

The first short film “The New City” will be released at on February 1st, 2011. Each additional chapter will be launched every Tuesday throughout the month.