Pop Artist Romero Britto and Buzz Aldrin Launch an Artistic Vision for Reaching Mars and Supporting the USO

Pop Artist Romero Britto and Buzz Aldrin Launch an Artistic Vision for Reaching Mars and Supporting the USO

On November 11, 2010, Veteran’s Day, Romero Britto and Buzz Aldrin will launch a new endeavor at POP International Galleries in Soho, New York at an invitation-only gallery opening. The National hero, astronaut, and visionary Buzz Aldrin, served as inspiration for Pop Artist Romero Britto to create a series of original art on canvas that reflects on the achievements of NASA, and the global future of space exploration. This group of artwork is intended to bring awareness to the importance of a sustained mission to reach for new frontiers while also bringing support for an organization close to both Britto and Aldrin’s hearts, the USO.

The exhibition will include 18 new works of art on canvas and new limited editions. Both Romero Britto and Buzz Aldrin will be in attendance for photos and to sign purchased artwork. Coinciding with Veteran’s Day, POP International is donating 10% of sales of the Britto Buzz originals and graphics on opening night to the USO, a private nonprofit organization that provides a tangible way for all of us to say thank you and has lifted the spirits of America’s troops and their families for almost 70 years. “Romero Britto is the iconic Pop artist and one of the reasons why we opened POP International. His work has hung on our walls since we opened 13 years ago, and I can’t think of a more momentous way to celebrate that,” said Jeff Jaffe, Co-Owner, POP International Galleries. The artwork will remain on display for one month.

Romero Britto, who is known throughout the world for his bold artwork in both canvas and sculpture, has maintained that ‘art is too important not to share.’ His artistic passions which have led him to collaborate with corporations and organizations across the globe have resulted in monumental achievements of artistic expression. The announcement that the US was retiring its fleet of shuttles in 2011 motivated Britto to partner with Buzz Aldrin and lend his talent to this auspicious effort to keep space travel alive.

By creating this series of original works, Britto hopes to bridge the gap between fine art and science and gain support for continuing space exploration. “I do think it is important to know more about space, this way we can learn more about all the possibilities and opportunities we may have for the future on earth and in space. I’m happy to create this collection of paintings inspired in the journey of Buzz to the moon. Doing these series of paintings inspired in the experience of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin in space is very exciting to me. First and foremost I do admire his courage to go out there into the unknown, so far away. And the second is that I’m so fascinated about space and all its wonders!!!!!!!! Collaborating with Buzz Aldrin is so exciting, he is the man, here, alive on earth with the most amazing life experience, and he is my hero!”

Buzz and Britto were brought together by Rick Friedberg, President of Liberty Connections, Ltd. Liberty Connections creates special opportunities for innovative business partnerships worldwide.

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