Book signing at KSC Exchange *Employees only*

Book signing at KSC Exchange *Employees only*

Buzz Aldrin KSC Employee SigningBuzz Aldrin will be signing copies of his new children’s book “Welcome to Mars: Making a Home on the Red Planet” and Mission to Mars at the KSC Exchange for employees only from 10am – 2pm.

**There will be a book signing on December 18 for the public.**

Signing Guidelines:

  • -Buzz will only autograph the new book “Welcome to Mars” and his adult book “Mission to Mars”
  • -He will NOT sign any memorabilia, photos, space related items, other books authored or not authored by him.
  • -He will not personalize and will sign his name only.
  • -We allow photos while he is signing but we will not pose for pictures or allow anyone behind the table to take a photo.
  • -Each venue will decide if there is a limit to how many books you may purchase. This is at the discretion of the venue.
  • -Time permitting Buzz will continue to sign until the last person in line having purchased a book is taken care of. Once all books are sold we’ll consider the signing over.

December 14, 2015
10:00am – 2:00pm

OSB 2 5th Floor Conference Room

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