Buzz Aldrin already ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Buzz Aldrin already ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Spaceman Buzz Aldrin is already “dancing with the stars” as he recently hit up a new celebrity hot spot in Hollywood and says he is excited to be on the show, which will mark one of his first major television appearances since he “moonwalked” in front of the world several decades ago.

“I control my emotions but I’m just bursting with pride,” the 80-year-old, who was the second man to walk on the moon, told On The Red Carpet’s Chris Balish at the opening of Hollywood night club Drai’s.

“I have a very unique dance step on the moon … called the Kangaroo Hop,” Aldrin joked, adding that his strategy on Dancing With the Stars, which begins its 10th season on Monday, was “win, win, win win.”

Aldrin became a household name when he and Neil Armstrong became the first people to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969.

“He’s repeating it – his dance on the moon – but a little more complicated dance on earth,” his wife Lois Aldrin said.

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