Buzz Aldrin at Wired Next Fext

Buzz Aldrin at Wired Next Fext


Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men to touch the lunar soil, recounts his exploits and his future plans, including those on Mars

The July 20, 1969 Buzz Aldrin made history by touching the Moon’s soil for the first time with Neil Armstrong. Nearly 50 years dall’allunaggio of ‘ Apollo 11 , one of the most celebrated astronauts in the world continues to explore the inaccessible areas of our planet, such as Antarctica, and speaks at Wired Fest Next to tell his life as a pioneer, in front a really huge crowd.

” Those who still questions the moon landing is just looking for attention. They are just fake news! “He says with great conviction the 87 years old Buzz , that is also the international spokesman of the need to leave Earth again, this time for Mars . In a one-way trip.

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