Message from Buzz re: NASA CCDev-2 Program

Message from Buzz re: NASA CCDev-2 Program

RE: Recent announcement of VG collaboration with OSC, and with SNC, on NASA CCDev-2 Program

In response to media inquiries concerning my perception of the radical new course of America’s involvement with space, I want to establish that I am personally delighted to see the expansion of private sector involvement in NASA’s Commercial Crew Development-2 Program, through the recent announcement that Virgin Galactic will be partnering with Sierra Nevada Corporation, and with Orbital Sciences Corporation, in this important step to commercialize access to space – for both civil space, and for the emerging space tourism business. We have learned through nearly fifty years of Human Space Flight experience, and from nearly thirty years of the Space Shuttle operations, that returning reusable vehicles to the launch site is operationally much more efficient, and thus the private sector requirement for low operational costs will dominate this need. I also see great value in capitalizing on the investment that NASA has already made in the Orion Program – to use this capability for its intended purpose – returning from higher energy, deep space missions, where this configuration is better suited to meet these requirements. I would like to endorse this kind of approach as the right direction for our future in human space flight – in partnership with NASA, as a cost effective means of meeting our civil space needs, while also providing the foundation for expanded commercial access to space for the private sector, and enabling the eventual expansion of humankind beyond the bounds of Low Earth Orbit.

  • stephen tait
    Posted at 12:45h, 05 March

    The Vikings (likely the Chinese) and Columbus all came to the “New” world in less than safe circumstances and conditions. “Necessity is the mother of invention” eh? If there is gold on the Moon or Mars, for example, I bet there are people out there developing and building spacevehicles with anything and any means at their disposal. Corporations are the big developers but there is LOTS of subcontracting going on…SPACE RACE!

  • Spiritlifter
    Posted at 11:44h, 28 January

    I bet this is what Columbus experienced just before his exploration of the New World ( 500 yrs is not a long time ago on the scale of things). I’m excitied to be a part of this stage of our human evolution – the stage where we begin to colonize new worlds [I also think there will be huge advances in colonizing the oceans as well – in underwater architecture (Aquatitecture?)]. But soon there will be announcements about new tech discoveries that will most certainly push the envelope in the colonization of those new worlds. Thanks, Buzz for being you, eh?

  • Raymond D Wright
    Posted at 04:48h, 19 December

    Would this be a good time for some private company to persuade NASA to let them carry on with the cancelled X-33 project?

  • gaetano marano
    Posted at 00:18h, 17 December

    the “commercial space” isn’t so cheap as seems and, surely, it isn’t cheaper than Space Shuttle!

  • Ed Chmielewski
    Posted at 17:19h, 16 December


    Often wondered why you were not picked to be the first to step on the moon. Have always viewed you as someone with the desire to use your moon mission experience as an inspiration to the younger generations. While the other fellow chooses to remain in seclusion.
    Keep inspiring