Send Your ‘Happy Birthday’ Wishes to Buzz

Send Your ‘Happy Birthday’ Wishes to Buzz

It’s another historic event. On January 20th, 2010, astronaut Buzz Aldrin turns 80 years old.

We’re inviting everyone to wish him a Happy Birthday. The birthday wishes gathered on the website will be put onto a commemorative disc and presented to Buzz on his birthday.

The disc is reminiscent of the original silicon disc that he left on the Moon in 1969—a disc that contained goodwill messages from leaders of over 70 countries.

Buzz has also asked that everyone get involved to commit whatever they can to help address the terrible suffering in Haiti. Buzz is turning 80 years old on Wednesday and would like to celebrate by having you donate to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.

Whether it be .80 cents, $8 dollars, or $80 dollars—every bit helps.

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Thank You From Buzz

(Updated: Jan. 21, 2010)

This 80th birthday on this wonderful planet put much greater meaning to the phrase “4 score years” of being very fortunate in the opportunities that have come my way. And because of those opportunities so many of you have sent me very best wishes and for that I heartily thank you.

I actually have had 3 days of celebrations starting on Tues, Jan 19th on board the National Geographic Explorer in Ushuaia, Argentina, our last night on the ship following a wonderful Lindblad excursion to a record distance south of the Antarctic Circle. I now have great memories of penguins, seals and icebergs.

My actual birthday was spent touring a dismal Argentine military prison. This was followed by flights to Santiago and finally a departure for home just before midnight.

However, so many of my best wishes came in on my 3rd day of my birthday when I returned to the US. The celebrations continue this week when on Friday my good friend John Travolta will present me with the “First Out of This World Landing and Take-Off Award” at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards.

On Saturday the Planetary Society is holding a private luncheon in honor of my birthday and on Saturday night I will be at a dinner gathering with my family members coming from all over the country. Now that I’m 80 I’ve decided I’m going to stretch my birthday out a few more days.


Message Name
Happy Birthday Buzz. Thanks for all you do and many happy returns! Tom Barnett
Happy Birthday to an American Hero and Icon! Theresa Pierce
Happy Birthday Rocket Hero!! I hope they put you on the Mars crew! Erik Jorgensen
My wish is for a very happy birthday to Buzz and a safe delivery of our 5th grandchild today! Denise Talley
Happy Birthday to a man who does so much for what he believes in!  May you have many more years to be an example to us all!  You are 80 years of hero. Shelley Hanes
You have always been a great inspiration to me Buzz! Happy Birthday Michael Gregory Davidson
Thank you for your service and your writings about alcohol and depression. Gary Milgrom
Happy birthday to a real American hero! Dean Coupland
Happy Birthday !!! and Many More Thomas Delaney
Gods speed, happy birthday. Mike Waters
Happy Birthday; May there be many more memorable days waiting on the horizon. Rolande Horne
Happy Birthday Capt. Rendezvous! David Jackson, "The spacesuit Guy"
Happy Birthday Buzz !!! Ralph Daniel
To the greatest moonwalker… Happy 80th Birthday Buzz!!! Heidi Schaffer
Happy Birthday Buzz, you are an inspiration to generations and Space is a place we just have to be. Graham Walburgh (UK)
happy birth day Buzz and thanks for all moniez
Happy Birthday Buzz Erin Kotlarczyk
Congratulations to the coolest space man ever! Anna Hallin
Happy Birthday Buzz! Buzz Noble
Happy 80th Birthday, Buzz! Matt Collister
Happy Birthday Buzz. You’re my hero! Don Cleveland
All the best Buzz You are still shining like a beacon Mike Campbell
Happy Birthday to our TRUE ROCKET HERO!  🙂 Casarotto Luca
Have a wonderful 80th birthday, Buzz!  We love you! Nancy Pedersen
Happy 80th, Buzz!! The family of the late Rev. Charles and Estred Schwantes  (Jim Schwantes)
Happy Birthday Sir ! ORBIS NON SUFFICIT ! Takis Stefanopoulos, DDS, LT COL
Happy Birthday!!!! Leonard Ross
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZZ!!! I AM AMAZED AT YOUR TRIP TO THE MOON!!!! Erika. P.s. Can you do an interview for our project at school for History day because we are doing Apollo 11 Erika Wang
Thanks for taking such cool pics! Rachel
Hoofy Birthday Buzz! R. Moose
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thanks for helping to inspire me to become involved in space Patrick
Happy birthday Buzz! You socking that conspiracy theorist in the face is still one of my all-time favourite YouTube videos. Keep on keepin’ on, moon man. Lauren
You are an inspiration and a Rocket Hero! Happy Birthday Buzz! David Peterson
Happy Birthday!  You have done so much for this nation and we are very proud of what you do for the nation. Erin and Madison Sherill
Happy Birthday sir ! Sean Tracey
Hello Buzz! Thanks for being so amazing and I wish you the happiest of Birthdays! Ashley Leckwold
Happy birthday! You are an inspiration to so many, still! Heather Wheatley
Best Wishes Dr. Rendezvous! John D. Lueckenotte
A very happy birthday wish for you, Buzz. Fay
I was part of your Launch Team,Still have the Medallion, Happy Birthday Don Bennington
Well Buzz…Happy 80th you are now at the HALF WAY point! Keep that same sense of adventure and add a good sense of humor and you will make MANY more discoveries over the NEXT 80 years to WOW all of us and maybe even YOU! xo (multiply that hug and kiss ti Betty Ewing
Happy BIrthday Colonel Aldrin! Keep us aiming for the stars. Tyson Koss
Happy 80th Sir, it’s an honour! Daniel McWaters
Happy Birthday Buzz!! Michael
Happy 80th Birthday from a Canadian Space Fan Charles S. Wright IV
Happy Birthday Buzz!! Suzanne Cossaboon
Happy Birthday Buzz! I love you for all the wonder you and your Astronaut Brothers have provided me for my 45 years! Have a great DAY! Michael Sullivan
Happy Birthday Buzz. Your our hero. Dorothy Chaudhry
Happy Birthday, Buzz from The Hurricane Channel, CSwxCenter James Feeney
Happy Birthday Mr Buzz Bryan
Happy Birthday Buzz! Hope it is a great one! Hillary Block
A very happy birthday to a real American hero! God Bless! Linda McCleary
Happy Birthday!  You’re amazing! Rachel Isaacs
qoSlIj DatIvjaj Buzz! (Happy Birthday in Klingon) Kyle Daugherty
Happy Birthday!!!! Marion
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thomas Terashima
I have always looked up to you, Buzz since I was 6 yrs old. It’s now almost 31 yrs and I still love you 😉 I hope someday I can have the honor of having coffee or lunch with you. Live well, long and peaceful. Much respect and love. Michelle Jennifer Santos
Rock(et) On Buzz, Hope it’s the best birthday yet! Susan Adcock
Happy birthday Buzz! All the best. Shane Kalicharan
When we shoot for the moon, thanks to you we know it can be done. Happy Birthday The Messer Family
Happy Birthday Buzz, Keep on inspiring us. Mark Griffin
One day, when humankind has colonies in the farthest distances of the galaxy, people will speak of Buzz Aldrin in the same way they speak about Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo. Connor horn
No words can really describe what we owe you and your fellow astronauts. Thank you for everything you sacrificed to take mankind to the moon. Happy birthday good sir. Chris Hanrahan
Happy birthday BUZZ!!!! Alan Cedeno
Happy birthday y’old space hero you 😉 Cliff Rowley
Buzz, You are a true inspiration. Thank you for everything you have done. John Oliver
Happy Birthday Colonel Aldrin! I was also with my family in the living room crowed around the TV when you stepped foot upon the moon and talked about its “magnificent desolation!” Mark Ollig
Happy 80th!  i watched you walk on the moon as a kid and you have always been my favorite astronaut. Thanks for your work on space exploration.  Enjoy your big day! Patrice Nango
Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin….youv’e come a long way with public relations since landing on the Moon…you are the ROCKET HERO!!!…salute! Joe Tremblay
Happy Birthday Buzz!  I’m so glad you walked on the moon just as my best friend was born.  And I hope ypur dream of people walking on Mars comes true! Amy Hager
Happy Birthday Buzz! Carla Jenkins
Happy birthday Buzz, you are a great inspiration and you did not look a day over 60 when I met you at a book signing a few months back. Patrick O’Neill
Happy Birthday Buzz!  You have been and continue to be a positive light.  Thank you for facing the challenges you have and for sharing your message so others can learn, grow, and continue in your footsteps. Patrick Riley
Happy birthday! We loved seeing you speak on the Hornet in Alameda, and appreciated you speaking your mind on so many topics. Keep it up! Clarissa & Clint Ryan
Have a great one Buzz! Paul Hayes
Dr. Aldrin, You are a hero in anyone’s book.  Happy Birthday! B. Travis Wright
Happy Birthday and fond thoughts for you, Colonel Aldrin, a real American hero Gentry Lane
You have served as an exemplar of human tenacity and diligence since long before I was born and continue to inspire those traits even today. I thank you for your past and continuing fight against our perceived limits and, most importantly, wish you a very Rob Womack
Happy BD, Buzz, best man on Earth and Moon! Caetano J√∫lio
Happy Birthday Buzz! Your my hero! Alex Bourquardez
You are an inspiration.  Happy Birthday! Kate Gage
Happy 80th Birthday, all the way from Australia! Another well deserved milestone. My father flew fighters alongside the USAF in Korea with the RAAF. Here’s a photo of him with Col. Harrison Thyng. Many Happy Returns Owen Zupp
I remember meeting you as a kid when you came to my school 20 some years ago. We had space ice cream. Happy Birthday, Buzz Timothy Iwan
Happy birthday, Buzz! You’ve always been a hero! James Womack
Happy Birthday!  Here’s to 80 more! Jason
Best wishes to you sir! Pat Poole
Happy birthday to a true American hero A
Happy birthday to you, Buzz. A rue American hero! Katherine Clouet
Happy Birthday Buzz! Brandon Cholodenko
Happy bday Buzz, you’ve been an inspiration to many Sergio Schvezov
Mr Aldrin! It is a priviledge and honour to be allowed to wish you Happy Birthday!! Thank you and Congratulations from the UK!! Sharon Neysmith
Happy Birthday Buzz, you’re a legend! I’m in awe of who you are, and so so grateful for what you provide for our world! May you continue your ride in good health and abundant joy. Helene Goldberg from Melbourne, Australia
Happy Birthday! Erin
Happy Birthday, Dr. Rendezvous! Margaret, Tom, and Andrew Keane
Happy Birthday  Buzz-80 Great years, for everybody that knows you. Robert Abernethy
Happy 80th birthday Buzz!! God bless! Amy
Happy Birthday!  We wish you many more.   Thank you for being one of the great pioneers! The Gengl Family
Happy Birthday Buzz!  I hope you keep going forever! James Walker
Happy birthday!  Thank you for all that you do to support sience education! Julie
Congratulations Buzz, I met you in Australia when I was 14, you were an inspiration to me then and you still are now. All the best for your 80th and I wish you many more years. Daniel Drysdale
May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life. Alejandra Carvallo
Happy 80th Birthday Mr. Spaceman! Jeff Marshall
Happy Birthday Buzz Andres Ipinza C
Happy Birthday Buzz!!!  I hope you have a glorious birthday, FILLED with fun, family, and friends!  As a space enthusiast, I greatly appreciate ALL you have done in your career.  Best wishes to you and yours, always. Angela Jones
Greetings from Germany and best wishes fot your 80th birthday to one of the heroes of my youth. Nikolaus Bernhardt
Happy birthday!! Lara Eakins
Happy birthday, you’ll always be our eternal rocket hero, wish to thank you for all you’ve brought for science and mankind. Kind regards from Brazil! Rafael Boucault
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Ray Bradbury says "The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance – the idea that anything is possible."  I agree with him. Kelly Johnson
Happy Birthday Buzz! Emily Flanders
Happy 80th!! Kristin Dormuth
Happy 80th Buzz. Keep up the good work promoting manned missions to space. Hopefully one day, we’ll have the vision to go back to the Moon and beyond. Tim Beckett
Happy birthday, Mr. Lightyear! Christopher Casey
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Kent Franklin
Happy 80th Buzz!! You r inspiring.  Thanks 4 all u do. Diane Urbanski
Happy Birthday, Buzz.  Lets celebrate your 90th on Mars! John Gale
Happy 80th Birthday, Buzz! Congratulations!! Andrea Aikman
Happy Birthday sir. Thank you for all you have done for humankind. Live long and prosper. Ruben M Trujillo
Congrats, Buzz!!!  UBER accomplishment–making it to 80–in clear-thinking and active style.  You’re the best!  Keep on cookin’!  I figure you’re good for another 20 years.  Enjoy your day,  Viver Vivianne "Viver" Israel
happy 80th mr. aldrin chuck
Hey best wishes from  dominic A.K.A Thescarypi. Live long and proster dude. dominic franklin
Happy Birthday! keep celebrating ’em. Drew Alfgren
Happy 80th, Buzz! You still inspire! Doug White
Happy Birthday Buzz, Live long and prosper!, I can actually do the vulcan salute with my left hand. Bill McMahon
My very best wishes to Buzz on your birthday!! 🙂 Chris Colomb
What can I tell a man who has all the best wishes of all mankind? Love ya Buzz! Greg Pavlucik
Happy Birthday Buzz! Randy Griffin
A very Happy 80th Birthday, Buzz! You’re still an inspiration to all of us! Sandy MacGowan
Happy 80th birthday! And thanks for all you’ve done. Jennifer Tait
Happy 80th, Buzz!! You continue to be an inspiration! Jerry Wood
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest explorers in mankind’s history.  Thank you Buzz Aldrin! Nick LaBate
80 Years Young! Happy B-Day Buzz! Patricia Greenbaum
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz! You have a very sneaky and loving assistant! 🙂 Anthony Graham
Happy Birthday buzz R.Ravi Shankar
One of mankind’s greatest heroes! Bob Boehmer
Happy 80th Birthday Mr Aldrin! Tristan Girouard-Turmel
Hi Buzz! I feel fascinated with the way things work in space, and what its required to get there. I hope you do too. I feel proud for the humam race to be able to develop itself to get to the moon, i thanl you for your infinetly important contribuition. I Pedro Mendes
Bappy Hirthday! To see through your eyes would be amazing. Athena
Happy Birthday, Buzz!  My best!! Bill Retherford
Happy Birthday Buzz! Matthew
Thank you for all of your hard work in keeping interest in space exploration alive to the public. Truly a hero. Billie Volkova
congrats and keep up the good work C.J. Jurczak
Hope you have a wonderful bithday, and many more great years to come!! Kerry Wright
80 years old?  WOW!  Congratulations to a true American hero! Richard Neimeyer
Happy Birthday, Buzz!  You are an American Hero! Nikki Mastro
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Jim
hope your  birthday’s a knockout, rocket hero! anessa mooyeens
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Wow, 80! You look fantastic! Donna Brememan
Happy Birthday Buzz, you are a true hero! Ever since I was a little boy I have wanted to be an astronaut and explore space, just like you! Charly Daniels
Happy birthday Rocketman!!! Pierre Rochefort
Best wishes to a clear voice for space exploration, happy 80th! Jorge Salazar
Happy Birthday! May you live long and prosper. Wade McGillis
Happy 80th Birthday, Buzz. Bob Studabaker
Buzz, God Bless and hope you have a wonderful birtrhday. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do!!! Lonnie
Mr. Aldrin (Buzz) I wish you a joyous & blessed birthday celebration. Wayne "Wayne Edwards" Nelms
Happy Birthday to one of my heros! Steve Axthelm
Happy Birthday Buzz! Hope you have a great day!! whitney
Happy Birthday Buzz!!  I wish you all the best on your 80th.  Thank you for all your hard work for the future of humans in space! Dillon Fitton
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz!!  I was on your Delta flight from the National Space Society conference last year from Orlando to LAX last May.  Good luck with your new book! Alvin Leung
Thank you so much for your continued outspoken support for the space program! Dave D
I hope that you have a happy and blessed birthday, Mr. Aldrin! Emily Hammersborg
Happy Birthday to a great man Scott Mann
Happy birthday, Buzz! Dana, Chris, and Alessandra
Happy Birthday Buzz! Rick DeVors
Dr. Aldrin, you have been an inspiration for me, and thousands of other people who have pursued science and engineering careers because of America’s achievements in space. God bless you and best wishes for your 80th birthday! Dr. Dan Handley
Happy Birthday Buzz! You’ll always be my hero. Best wishes from Sao Paulo – Brazil Luiz Miranda
Best wishes, here’s to the best years yet to come! Sammy Manalo
Happy Birthday, Buzz!!  Best wishes to a real honest-to-goodness Rocket Hero, and someone who’s been both an inspiration and spokesperson for a dream shared by all humanity. David Bryant
Happy Birthday Buzz! I’m too young to have seen you live, but one of my earliest memories, unfortunately, is my mother sitting me in front of the television to see the Challenger disaster. She said ‘This is important.’ I hope we can see more moments like Nick Ellis
Happy birthday, Buzz!  You’re my hero. Rachel Joy
Happy Birthday! You are a Rocket Hero! Great book. Holly S
Happy 80 Buzz Jim Moore
Happy Birthday to the best step dad a gal ever had. Lisa Cannon
Happy birthday, Buzz! Hope to walk where you have one day! Thomas Anderson
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Tim from (mt) Media Temple!
Happy Birhday from Alabama! Kelly Meacham
You’ve been a hero long before I was born, lived just about everyone’s dream and even that failed to stop you. Happy Birthday. Radu Dumitrescu
Happy birthday, Buzz, from Canada! Moggy
Many, many more! Shannon Kelly
Buzz am from India and I wish u all the best ..u rock man u teach kids like us to aspire for the great and settle for nothing else Ibu Sanjeeb Garg
Happy Birthday Buzz! True American Hero! Shawn Halstead
Happy birthday! Here’s wishing you many more. Don Bowers
Very Happy Birthday Buzz, you’re a wonderful Ambassador Ed Bennett
Happy Birthday Buzz! Meg & Tim
Happy B’Day Buzz! Scott Nagrod
All the best and have another wonderful 80 years in space!!  Happy Birthday! Bob Deschambault
To infinity, and beyond! Craig Good
Happy 80th! Perry Wolf
Happy Birthday to one of my heroes from a fan who has the same birthday. Russ Cross
Happy Birthday, sir! Cassie Allen
Wishing you a very happy 80th birthday.  May you have many more. Arend and Willadale Smid
Happy Birthday to a true American hero!  Your work reaching for the stars and conquering the earthly hardships make me proud to be your feloow citizen on the Planet! Michelle Dennedy
Fighting the good fight for sceince. You are my hero. Julie Webster
Happy Birthday Buzz! Kevin Conod
Happy 80th Solar Circuit, Colonel! Frank Christiny
Happy Birthday Sir from USMMA Kings Point Corbin Stephens
Buzz, you are the inspiration of so many people who support NASA and its many efforts. Ken Morrison
Reading your book now and I love it!!! Linda
Happy Bday Buzz! Heroes never die! Harst Besan
Happy birthday Hero! Amy
Happy Birthday from Chile – In spanish  FELIZ CUMPLEA√ëOS Hernan
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you so much for your inspiration to others. Kevin Crumpler
Buzz, I consider you a true hero for all of humanity; your contributions to the exploration of space are beyond measure.  Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more! Dr. J. Anne Hamner
Happy Birthday to a true American Hero. Joe Campolieta
Thank you for everything you’ve done for this world! Bo Zhao
Dear Mr. Aldrin, A Very Happy Birthday to you. I remember the night you walked on the moon because although I was young, my dad got me up to watch on the TV. May God Bless you and keep you. Barbara Gifford
With much love and great respect, happy birthday!! The Phillips Family, Alabama
Happy Birthday Buzz! You are a real American Hero! Judy and Joe Ascenzi
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz! Not just an all-American hero, but a hero to the rest of us around the world Matt Greig (Sydney, Australia)
Happy birthday Buzz! Keep up the good work keeping the dream alive. Bill Mooney
80 more! Thanks for all your work on space exploration! Ricky, Pat & Rich
Happy Birthday Buzz. You are a true American original and hero. God Bless you Gary Vance Nichols
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZZ!!!! Michael "Bo" James Cook
Happy Birthday Buzz!!  You’re awesome!! 🙂 Liz Lockhart-Videtto
Have a great Birthday… Chris Graham
Happy Rocket Hero Birthday Buzz! Clay Humphries
You are indeed a hero and one of the few great role models in the world…. thanks and Happy Birthday Rocket Hero Ted Laskowski
All the best on your 80th Buzz! Thanks for all your inspiration! I have your photo on the moon (autographed from the big Moonfire) on my office wall in my lab. Keep fighting the good fight for exploration! David Nelson, PhD (MIT)
Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more! Barbara Durau
Happy Birthday to a true American Hero, and wishes for many more!!  You continue to provide inspiration with your books, speeches and enthusiasm.  Have  a wonderful birthday! Judy Montgomery
Happy 80th, Buzz! You are a true American hero, a true World hero! Many happy returns! Rob Addison
Buzz, I thank God for your eight decades of life on this planet. You have truly made our UNIVERSE a better place!! Thank you for being a hero in the big sense–and caring to be a hero to individuals like myself. Bless you and Happy Birthday!! Laura A. Blaes
It’s a joy to read your tweets. You are a living legend! Happy Birthday! Audy
Happy Birthday Buzz! Shawn Williams
we’re not worthy!!! Happy Birthday Buzz!! Rob Seaman
Happy birthday Buzz Hanan Schwartzberg
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZZ !!!  80 is a milestone and you’ve passed it with flying colors! Keep on living strong and healthy and living your dream! Randy Sellet
¬°Feliz cumplea√±os!  Happy birthday!  Thank God there’re people like you, 80 years are not enough, I hope you’ll live forever!!! Gonzalo Orellana
Happy 80th birthday and many more to come and of course in good health. David Schilling
Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a year filled with joy, good health and great adventures. Carolyn Kalmus
Happy Birthday! Cody L
Happy Birthday Buzz…and remember you’re not getting older you’re getting longer… Chuck G
Happy Birthday to a fine pilot and a great patriot. Geoffrey Clark
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZZ from your pals down under Greg & Brooke Lee
Happy Birthday to my hero Paul Pellerito
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Eileen Harrity
Happy Birthday Buzz! Youu are a very inspiring American hero! Suzanne Aultman
Happy Birthday, Rocket Hero! Suzy Smith
#2 for a day,  #1 since.  You’re a true American hero.  God Bless. Martin Stack
Happy Birthday Buzz!!!!!! Joel Burns
Keep on being you Karen Cook
Yom Huledet Same’ach, that’s Happy Birthday in Hebrew. I hope you’re not disappointed the moon isn’t a vacation destination, 40 years after you walked on it with Neil. May you see the landing on Mars! Amnon I. Govrin
Thanks Buzz for being a great American, one that we are proud of! John Gaetjen
Happy Birthday! Marion Foster
Happy Birthday Buzz!  I watched you walk on the moon which was very special because you were my fathers roommate at West Point ( Class of 1951) Britt Guyer (Jim Guyer’s son)
Have a blast (off) on your 80th Buzz! Marcy
Happy Birthday to not just an American Hero, but a hero for the human race. Happy 80th, Buzz! Maria Boone
Happy 80th to man the whole world literally looked up to in ’69 and as a manner of speaking we still do today! Brad Wager
Happy Birthday Buzz – You’re a great, American hero! My family and I wish you many more! Aaron Yeargan
80 years and in Antartica! Gotta be a record!  U R my hero Buzz!!  Happy BD! Tim Hutson
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz! Patrick Franklin
Happy Birthday!!! Francine
Happy B-Day "Buzz" your a true American Hero Kevin Harris
Many Happy Returns! Keep pushing the envelope; you remain an international figure of inspiration. Slangevar. Christopher Kerr
Happy Birthday to a real pioneer! Joshua Turton
May the next 80 be twice as good! J Snyder
Happy Birthday Buzz!! 80 years of inspiring the youth of America!! THANK YOU!! We love you and wish you many many more!! Marleen Martinez
Dear Mr. Aldrin, you and your mission built a solid fundamental for space research of all generations to come. Thank you and happy birthday! 🙂 Dennis Eichardt
Happy 80th Buzz!  I’ll never forget "watching" you on the moon through my backyard telescope when I was 6!  Keep reaching for the stars! Mark Demsky
Go forth and conquer! You’re still young! Jim Brinton
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz!  I always look at the moon and think of you guys! Melissa Morris
Happy B’day, mucho amore! Charlotte Bennardo
Happy Birthday Buzz!  Thanks for everything! Rob Bills
Happy80th(No-really?)Birthday! SheilaAli-Oston
Happy 80th! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the fabric of America. Anne-Marie Gilliland
Rock on rocket hero!  Happy birthday Buzz! Leif
You’ve inspired generations and will continue doing so. Have a great Birthday Mr. Aldrin! Rob Eubank
Happy 80th Birthday, Buzz!  Thank you for your bravery and courage and for continuing to be such a great role model for the U.S.A. Terry Lynn Anderson
Thank you very much & A Big Mahalo. Nick "Snikitiki" Blair
Happy Birthday!  Thank you for all you have done, and what you are doing now. Robert Marsh
Happy birthday, Colonel Aldrin. You’re an inspiration to anyone who’s ever looked up at the skies and wondered. Patrick Hume
I know this is significantly nerdy of me, but happy birthday. I’m a PhD Student in AE at Georgia Tech. I just watched "From the Earth to the Moon" for the first time, since it came out (I was like 10 or so). It meant a whole lot more to me now. I just wan Jason Sherwin
Congratulations to a true American Hero, from a space fan! Bill Fickas
Happy birthday!
Have a wonderful day!!! Be happy!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences!! Silvia Vargas
thanks for being a real hero!!!! jamey kish
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin you are and always will be ONE OF A KIIND. You make our world a happier place. Thank You  The Harris Family Jim, Melissa and Reid The Harris Family
Mr. Aldrin, The happiest of birthdays to you and thanks for all the dreams of adventure. Russell Klak
Happy Birthday and God Bless! Matthew Olson
Happy Birthday from a land down under Buzz! What a guy! Do you rmemeber me? I was the little kid waving up to you way back when!Well, we’ll never forget you. Best Wishes brother, Brian and Shanae Brian Cleary
Happy 29th Birthday Buzz! Here’s to many more! Heather Bair
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Your contributions to mankind and the exploration of space are greatly appreciated. You and your fellow astronauts are true heroes. Vickie Brown
Happy Birthday, Buzz Mark Mayhew
Happy 80th. Many, Many More Ken Brown
Have an incredible birthday and another fabulous year! I think of you every time I look at the moon! Kristine Sorensen
Happy Birthday to a real American hero. You are an inspiration, you are a beacon to our future. Thank you. Melissa Bleier
Happy Birthday Buzz!!! Thanks for everything Joe Lucero Pomona, CA
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz!  You are an inspiration in many ways.  Thank You! Matt Wassmer
Hey, who’s counting? Paul Dizadji
Happy 80th Birthday Mr. Aldrin! Thank you for your past and ongoing inspiration. Hopefully we’ll achieve another great feat by the time your 90! Mike Metschan
Many happy returns– I was honored to have shared your presence at the Smithsonian this summer, and deeply appreciate your passion and endurance. Mary Beth Hunter
Happy birthday Mario
Auguri! Sei grande! Edmondo Tedesco
Happy Birthday from the crew at NYC Resistor.  May you enjoy many more moons. Matt Joyce
Dear Buzz, On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy and hope all your dreams come true!! "Joyeux Anniversaire", from the bottom of my heart, your friend Thierry Chaunu Thierry Chaunu
Happy B-Day, Buzz! 🙂 Sam Jackson
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Katie Berryhill
Happy Birthday Buzz! You’re a living legend! Matt Francis
Happy Birthday Angel Picon
Buzz!  Happy 80th; wish I could be there to celebrate!  Thanks again for writing the intro to my book Space Places 20 years ago, and for the great leadership of space exploration, in so many ways.  Miss you, take care! Roger Ressmeyer
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Laszlo Fenyo
Another orbit complete! Happy Birthday Buzz, thanks for inspiring so many. Graham Lawton
You inspired me to love science! Dr. Lucy Goddard Kalanithi
Happy Birthday! Heather A. Adler
Happy birthday Buzz! You are truly a living legend! Mandy Gardner
Happy Birthday, Buzz!  FYI.. it’s not difficult to get a penguin through customs if you put it in a ‘cat carrier’.  They *never* check! 😉 Ron Siemer
Happy 80th Buzzday! Cyn Unnasch
Happy Birthday BUzz, congratulations on being awesome 🙂 Sam Peters
happy birthday! hope its a rocket experience! (wondering how many times you’ll get that note) Charlie Y
Your life and achievements are an inspiration, and so are your kindness and energy. Long live Buzz and happy 80th birthday – Joyeux anniversaire from someone born just when you set foot on the moon! Emmanuelle NEMOZ
We’ll never stop believing. Happy birthday Mike Loughlin
Happy Birthday from √Örhus, Denmark Torben Brandi Nielsen, former alderman, √Örhus
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Andy Olson
Don’t worry, its the new 70! Tony Harmsworth
Happy Birthday to a real humble Rocket Hero! God bless you!!! Mia Grace
Happy Birthday Buzz!  Thank you for your continued service to the US and all mankind.  Your tireless efforts are appreciated! Ron Levine
Happy Birthday Rocket Hero! You’re a real inspiration! God bless you! Nicole R.
Tillykke med fødselsdagen månemand kristian schneider
Happy Birthday Buzz, you didnt quite make it to "infinity and beyond" but have certainly played an enormous part in inspiring humanity towards it. I wish you many more Giles Bennett
Dear Buzz, Wish you a good health,many smiles,and a lot of real achievements. Galia
Beate wishes you all the best way over from Germany Beate
My best wishes to a great person, always in my mind since I was a child! Fabio Pani
Happy Birthday Buzz – it was an honour seeing you talk in London. I wish you many many more happy, healthy birthdays. Fiona
Happy 80th Birthday and may you have plenty more!   Regards from Perth Western Australia! Evelyn  Rompotis  Botsis
Wow, happy birthday to my favorite moonman! Thank you for being so enthusiastic about space and exploration in general. It’s because of you and others like you that I love to learn and go on random little adventures to see what I can find, in old and new Laura Bridges
Happy Birthday Buzz!  Here’s to Many Many More! Stuart Riding
Hey, the Universe is buzzing with it: it’s your big day! So happy B-day, Buzz. You’re forever our Man on the Moon… CelticHair
Happy Buzzday! Richard Taylor
Happy Birthday! May your birthday be out of this world! Devon T. Marcus
Happy Birthday! I’m sure the man in the moon sends his congrats too. Alex Karlsson
Happy 80th Dave Weeden
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Matilde
Happy Birthday Buzz, "To 80 and beyond" Steve Butcher
Thank you for giving so much to so many. Happy birthday! Vinay Khosla
Thank you for sharing all your visions and inspiring us to learn about space. All of us at Greenscene/Rock & Roar wish you a magnificent 80th birthday Buzz. Anne Devine
Happy birthday Buzz! Mathias Anderssén
Happy Birthday sir! May you have many more adventures in the coming years. Amber D’Angeles (twittering as  Jingerbreadgirl)
birthday greetings from Dublin! neil
Happy Birthday Buzz,  your an absolute legend, have a brilliant day, jane jane clark
Happy birthday Buzz,your life has been truly inspirational. IKLAGA GABRIEL
From Austria-Italy, Happy Birthday Rocket Hero!! Marco Zani
Happy Birthday! Tomas Kerslow
Shine on you crazy diamond! Happy birthday, hero. Daniel Price
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz! Thank you for touching my life in such a remarkable way Robert Benn
Happy Birthday Buzz. The exploits of you and the rest of NASA sent me into science when I was young. Chris Sidwell-Smith (from the UK)
Happy Birthday Buzz you’re a hero xx Shelley
Godspeed Buzz! Marcus Rowell
Hey Buzz birthday greetings from Ireland hope you keep it up for another 80! Liam Mac Namee
Happy birthday Buzz!We love you!bisous de France!!!! Natacha
Happy Birthday, you are a hero and an inspiration to us all. Kimberley Clarke
you walked on the moon, you danced around the room, you lived to rap it all and still stand tall linda arroz
Happy Birthday and a wish for you to have very many more. Harry Hallett
Happy Birthday,best wishes,keep on rockin’ in the free world!Love ya,Steph Stephanie
Happy Birthday, hope it’s a good one. Carole Ann Smith
Wishing you all the best on your 80th Birthday Buzz! Katie Harding
Many Happy Returns, and long yet may you run. Glenn Rice
I am happy that you exist. Thanks for all the work you do and have done. HB! The Short Family
Best wishes on your birthday! Adrian Brown
Buzz congratulations, y’re my Hero !! Ron van Dorrestein
Happy Birthday Buzz – Thanks for showing the world that we can reach the unreachable.  You’ll always be a hero… and you’re still awesome! Joanne Hodges
Have a super day hero! Kisses from the UK Linda
Happy Birthday and all my best from Hamburg Germany! Matthias C. Lischke
Happy Birthday Buzz! May the day be filled with family, friends, the memories you have shared as well as the adventures yet to come. David M. Brown
Bon anniversaire Christian Dutrey
Happy birthday Buzz. You are an inspiration to us all. Alexander Lee
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz! Kristen Grenda
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin! Gene Fallaize
Happy birthday, Buzzzzzz 🙂 johan pretorius
Happy birthday, thank you for keeping up the Space Buzz! Andreas
Happy Birthday Buzz. Looking good for a few more years yet. Andy Myers
Happy birthday spaceman, You are an inspiration to everyone to reach for the stars, whether it is space or the ones of our dreams fiona reay
A Very Happy Birthday Buzz  – It’s great to know that space exploration remains firmly in your life and dreams. Ian Butter
Tempted to put some thing witty about your long journey but will resist this time. Happy Birthday Buzz, wishing you many more. Diane Bayles
You don’t look a day over 50…Have a Happy Birthday! Thomas J Chandler
Happy Birthday Buzz – What a legend Mark Norman
happy birthday Torben Jensen
Happy Birthday Mr Aldrin! Germaine de Haan
Happy 80th birthday Buzz! You have always been an inspiration. Nick Holland
As we say in Irish: L√° Breithe shona duit, Buzz! Niall
Happy eighth decade, Buzz! May you continue to inspire the world! Dr Sharon Zink
Thank you for carrying the weight of representing mankind’s greatest achievement for over 40 years! Andr√© Brito
If only I could shake your hand and say thank you,rocket here. Antonio
joyeux anniversaire buzz! happy birthday romuald
Happy Buzzday!! Herman Paassen
Hi Buzz! Happy birthday from Brasil! My father turned 80 last year too. He is pilot until today. Adil Calomeno Junior
Happy Birthday Buzz!!! You my friend, are awesome. Tom from the UK
Happy Birthday Buzz! Brant DeLoatche
Happy birthday!  Anything else I could say would be cheesy, so I won’t say it! Laurel Whitlock
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin. Greetings from The Netherlands Henk Boshuijer
You have to return man! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Abraham Ocon
Happy 80th!!!!! Gary Dunlap
a very happy birthday America’s original Super Hero! Diana Fraser
Happy Birthday! Jeff Foust
Happy birthday to a REAL AMERICAN HERO! Anne Miranda
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Thinking that man has been on the moon still gives me goosebumps. You, sir, are a true hero! Happy birthday, Buzz! Alan Garrick Bercero
Happy Birthday to a guy who is in the midst of an amazing life! Karen O’Keefe
Happy birthday buzz!!! Your my childhood hero and always will be!! Masum ali
Hi Buzz! Lou Baldin
You’re a Great American!  Thank you for all your contributions to mankind.  God bless you! Jeff Budd
Happy Birthday Buzz! You’re my hero! Hope to see you in Chicago soon. Mark Baich
Have a good one brother! Eliot kennedy
Happy Birthday Buzz. It was our 6 year old daughter learning about you in a British school that first started us following you on Twitter! Have a great day! Gareth Edwards
happy birthday, buon compleanno col. Aldrin. andrea campus
Happy Birthday !!!! Cathe and Brad Hruboska
Dear Buzz: I wish you an even longer, happier and healthier life. I’m just one of the millions persons who would give everything just to shake your hand. Jose de Anchieta
Happy Birthday from Australia to a real hero! Doug Wilson
You’ve inspired me my whole life-including my decision to attend MIT in the ’70s.  Happy Birthday to the original Rocket Man. Barbara Thornton
Hi Buzz, just want you to know that when I was seven years old you were a marvellous inspiration for me and your continued appetite for life is a fantastic inspiration for us all, i am so glad that you do not shun publicity and extend such a warm characte David Lear
Congratulasions Buzz, you’re an inspiration. Steve Archbold
Happy Birthday. You will live forever in our memories. Long Live Buzz. Paulo Dias
Happy #80!  Thanks for your great service and keep up the good work Tom Parette
Happy Birthday from Argentina, I’m yours video interview in 1972, here in BS AS, just yesterday I was seeing. claudio mariani
Happy Birthday, Buzz.  May you always fly high! John Murawski
Hello Buzz, have a nice 80th birthday. Thank you. When all people work together everything is possible. Kai Lamer
Happy birthday Buzz, thanks for inspiring us all. Roger Smith
Happy Birthday, Buzz! So glad to have been alive at the time of your incredible missions. Mike Knox
Happy 80th Birthday to You, Buzz Aldrin, a man who was involved with one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind!  Your contributions to the defining moment of the space program, being one of the two first human on the moon, is unforgettabl Mae Mangieri
Hi Buzz, you are an inspiration to me and your work and life achievements have inspired me to pursue a MSc in Astrophysics. Happy Birthday Gavin
We share the same birthday! Have a great one! Colin Povey
Happy Brithday to a truly inspirational man! Pete Hardie
Many happy returns to you Buzz, you are a real hero and inspiration to the world.Thank you. John Cave
Only 80? Put your name down fo Mars! Tony Keats
You are an inspiration to millions of people in the world, and I am one of them. You will always be The Rocket Hero. Our hero. My hero…Have a wonderful birthday. Monica Latkowski
Happy Birthday Buzz!  You are a true American Hero! Keith Collinsworth
Hey, Buzz! Hope you have an amazing birthday. Get to DC sometime soon and meet the new AA for PAO. Bob Jacobs
A very happy birthday to you, sir, and thanks for decades of inspiration! Grieg Pedersen
B wshes fr Ch, Zim May 2002 Charles Gardiner
Happy Birthday daniel
Happy Birthday Buzz!  You’re an inspiration to us all! JoAnn
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Roy Harris
Happy Birthday Buzz. Peter Barna
Happy Birthday to the original Rocket Man! Hava an amazing day & enjoy your time as an octogenarian! Andrea Mercer, England
Happy 80th!!! Sharon
Happy 80th Birthday, Buzz!  You’re an American icon and a true hero! Mary Radus
Happy birthday to everyone’s hero!! <3 Ruth McIntosh
Happy Birthday Buzz! Rushy
Happy Birthday Spaceman!!  You are always an inspiration to me! Meridel Ellis
Hope you have a GREAT one!! Randy
Happy birthday, Dr. Aldrin! Thank you for all your efforts in promoting space exploration. Patrick M. Berry
Happy Buzzday! Emanuele Barbera
Buzz – HAPPY BITHDAY. We met you once at your book signing in Downtown Disney, Orlando a few years back. A lovely man. Have fun! Paul Brown
All you need is the Birthday Experience 🙂 Hope it’s a good one! Mana Vautier (@spacekiwi)
Looking good, happy birthday! Larry Fleming
Happy Birthday!! Pattij
Happy Birthday to the man who made want to shoot for the stars!! Brooke
Hi, Buzz! Bean from KROQ radio here. Happy 80th and thank you for your service and continued support for the space program! gene baxter
Have a fantastic day Rocket Hero! Jim Smith
Happy Birthday, Buzz. I hope you have a wonderful day! Shirley Kendrick
Happy Birthday Buzz…you are a true American treasure!! Dede
Happy Birthday Buzz! Hope you celebrate big! Farris Rookstool, III
HB to a real American Hero. Because of men like you, I was able to live my dream and became a fighter pilot. Larry Troyer
Happy Birthday, Buzz, and many more! Brian J. Geiger
HAPPY BUZZDAY!! Nicola Easton
Happy Birthday to you!!! I wish you will keep good condition till 100 years old. With love from Japan. Sanae
Very many happy returns on this special birthday Colin MacKenzIe
Happy Birthday! Celebrate you! Becki Tooley
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for your service to everyone. Nick Fry
Happy Birthday rocketman, I was a young man when you worked your magick. I salute you. Ernie  F Foss jr.
Happy birthday from a big fan. Patti
A Sincere Happy Birthday to you Mr. Aldrin Greg Myers
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Jon Anhold
Happy Birthday Buzz! Have a fantastic day buddy. Mark "Buzz (yep, since 12yo)" Pereira
Best wishes! Gerrit Scholten
You *really* do not look 80!  Happy B-Day Mr. Aldrin! J A Carter
Dear Buzz, we came to see you at the South Bank last year and you great have good birthday Chris G
Happy B-Day Buzz! Dave Richard
Thank you. For everything. But mostly for instilling a love of space/NASA into my father, who in turn, instilled it in me. Happy happy birthday, and I hope you consider to inspire this next year! Atticus Hannah
Happy Birthday, Buzz! May you continue to explore and enjoy the Cosmos! Chris Paluszek
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin. Thank you for your service and achievements for this country. Larry Brake Jr.
a very happy year!!! <3<3<3 Maria Silva
Thanks for keeping the flame burning richard
Happy B-Day Buzz!!!  Keep up the good work!! Santiago Morales
you rock!! Antonia Soares
Happy Birthday! To another 80 more? You are part of a the smallest handfull of people with whom I felt not onlya  connection with, but an aching inspiration from as a lonely kid without many friends. You made me believe I would one day leave the confines Erin Galbraith
Salutations and birthday wishes to one of America’s heroes! Mike L
Happy Birthday Buzz, and a rousing rendition of "Fly Me To The Moon" Martyn Deedes
You’ll never moonwalk alone Richard Sveen
Celebrating a wonderful and full life.  Worls traveler and worlds traveler!  God bless you in the future and long life! Glenda Sanders
Thank you for sharing a tip of the universe with us. Have a wonderful birthday, and many more! Sheryl Taucer
Many Happy Returns of the Day! James Sparks
Happy birthday! Many more! Janice Jacobson
Happy birthday!  You’re still one of our greatest heroes! Cherish Bauer-Reich
Happy Birthday Buzz Taco
Dear Mr. Aldrin, Wishing you a very, very Happy 80th Birthday! Thank you for your life-long work. We have learned so much from you x You are indeed my hero! Kindest Regards, The Gair Family, UK xxxxxx K. Gair & Family
Happy Birthday, Mr. Aldrin!  You made me want to become an astronaut, and although I ended up being a scientist instead, I’ve always loved space.  Thank you for everything. Elizabeth Gordon
Happy Most Wonderful Birthday. Let it be a most "Stellar" One!!! Patty
hello, happy b’day! Harshit Agarwal
happy birthday from Napoli (Italy) Angelo Varriale
Happy Birthday "Buzz" Jeff N
Happy Birthday Buzz! You’re my hero. Inger Angelika
Happy Birthday Moon you walking Octogenarian you! Harbles
Happy Birthday!! To a true American Hero! Sabrina Lochner
Thank you for being an inspiration! Tricia
Happy birthday to the consummate explored!   You are an inspiration to us all! Susan Davis
Happy 80th to a hero and an icon who continues to champion our growth beyond this world. It was an honor to have met you. Thank you for helping make our world grow. Buckley Collum
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin, your exploits are why to this day, i still look up at the stars with wonder. mike sanderson
Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday, Mr. Aldrin. Dave Wilson
Happy birthday, Buzz!  The world is a better place with you in it. Ruth Hiner
I wish you a spectacular birthday! Thank you for all that you have done for us 🙂 Megan
Happy Big O, dear Cuz Gretel Coursol
Best wishes Buzz!  80 years young, eh? Gary James Galley
A very happy birthday, Rocket Hero, and here’s to many more! Lise Donnelly
Happy Birthday!  You are such an insperation! Joe Haggard
Many Happy Returns! Erin Kelly
happy birthday, Buzz!! steve murphy
Happy birthday, you American hero! Thank you for your books, too. All best, Pam PamN
Wow, 80 eh? you look great for your years.  happy birthday to on of the greatest heroes of the world….. and universe.  Have the best day EVER,  God Bless you xxxxx Kathryn Higham
Happy Birthday Buzz! Benjamin Cohen
… and many more! Sincerely from Mexico. Angel R. Monjaras
Happy 80th Birthday to one of my hero’s…Donna in San Francisco Donna L. Dodd
Hope your birthday is out of this world! Ange Taormina
Happy Birthday, Dr. Aldrin!  I’m currently reading Magnificent Desolation and loving it!  Thank you for what you and all your fellow astronauts have done to further space exploration! Rachel Robison
Happy Birthday Buzz! You are a hero! Chris Carnall
Thank you for your dedication and bravery. I am in awe of what you helped to accomplish- the greatest human endevour of all time. God bless you, Buzz, and happy birthday! Robert Peyton Porterfield
Have a great day, Mr. Aldrin! Tara Charnow
Congratulations Mr Aldrin – thanks for your awesome contribution Clive
Happy Birthday Buzz!!! TJ Mullen
Happy birthday to a true American hero! Yvan Kelly
Happy Birthday to an American Treasure! James Griffiths
All the best sir!
Happy birthday from Spain Mr. Aldrin!its from a teenager who admires you! you are one of the most imporant people who live nowadays Enrique
Many thanks & wishes for love, joy, peace & happiness always! Silvie Zamora
Happy birthday, Mr. Aldrin! Tamara Broitman
You are an inspiration sir! Happy Birthday! Gregory Peters
Wish you a very happy birthday !! Aldrin
Happy Birthday to a Great American Hero! Mark Silva
Happy Birthday Buzz! Matt Cannella
Happy Birthday Mr A.! Keep on rocking 🙂 Rob Moore
Happy Birthday!!! from an Apollo and Space Explorer Fan Aaron
Happy Birthday!!! Scitt Rames
You’re a hero to many. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Aldrin! Hailie Walsh
You are not really 80 your only 21 with 59 years experience !! Frances Wilson
Happy Birthday Buzz!  Here is to many more! Steven Foundakos
Happy Birthday Mr Aldrin! Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more! Roxie Richards
Happy Birthday Buzz! You are my hero! Uncle Philly
Dear Buzz, I watched you walk on the moon when I was 9-Happy 80th Birthday, may all your SpaceDreams come true! Glenna Foreman
Happy birthday Buzz! You’re 80 years young 😀 Excited for the future of space travel! Jessica Entis
Happy Happy Birthday!! Check out my Blog, I congrulate you ther!! Anneke S
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz!  We appreciate all that you have done for our country & all that you continue to do!  Have a wonderful birthday! Wade, Lisa, Cole & Hope Ramsey
Dear Buzz. Happy birthday. You truely are a hero, going to the moon with technoligy of that time – whau. You have guts 🙂 Best wishes, may you live to be a hundred Dave
Happy Birthday! Lori
What a wonderful smile and a beautiful person.   Have a very Happy Birthday with all the happiness you deserve. Laura
Happy Birthday Buzz, A real hero.. Nik Read
Dr. Aldrin: Happy Birthday to a great American Hero! Best wishes for a great day!!!! Jack Hamilton
Happy birthday & thanks for enthralling my 10 year old self, 40 years ago!! Mike Tawil
Happy Birthday Buzz.Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration! Mark Weaver
I carried a homemade sign at your parade in Chicago in 1969.  As a 7 year-old at the time, I was sure that you waved directly at me.  Now, I’m so happy to wish you a Happy Birthday 🙂 Jay Stein
happy birthday buzz keep strong we need you in order to get to mars your intellect is appreciated. Joseph Joyce
Y que cumplas muchos m√°s :)) Isabel
Happy birthday! Stephen May
Happy Birthday, Buzz.  Congratulations to you and all of your amazing accomplishments.  Lois also looks like a real jewel.  I liked when she said "He can go to the moon, but he can’t make a cup of coffee."  All the best to you.  Sincerely, Nancy Lindbergh Nancy Lindbergh
Happy birthday spaceman from a friend who was seven when…! Richard M
Happy Birthday Dr. Aldrin! Keep inspiring us all!! Stan Clardy
Happy Birthday, heres to many more! Shaughnessy McCaleb
Happy birthday Buzz!!! Emily
Happy Birthday Buzz!! Shaun
Happy Birthday to one of the men I admire the most on this Earth. Carolyn H.
Happy Bday Buzz! Leonard Akers
Happy Birthday!, have a moon-cake walk Jon Albertson
Happy Birthday! Louisa Gummer
Happy Birthday Buzz! Eya
I Wish You all the best, and want You to know that I really look up to you. I have my own battle with depression, but reading about your life has shown me that even You are only human 🙂 Once again; best wishes to you from an "apolloholic" in Norway Even-A. S. Andersen
We honor you on your 80th birthday as you have honored us by being our representative in space Dr. & Mrs. Salomon Stein
Many happy returns Buzz.Have a great day Peter Williams
Dear Mr Aldrin…. Hello from France… I wish you a Happy Birthday and thank you for your kindness each time I met you (2 times in Paris this Year). Happy Birthday Stephane SEBILE
Dear Buzz, my name is Nane. I am from Germany and 4 years old. I am huge fan of yours. And wish you all the best for your birthday. When i grove I also want to be an astronaut and therefore my parents allready bought me the moonbuzz. I enjoy looking at it Nane
Happy Birthday Buzz from an Astronomer who observes the Moon and knows it better thanks to you talking to us over many years.  We needed YOU on that incredible mission.  Forever, thankful. Ken Kingdon
Constantly inspired by your achievements. Thank you for everything. Brian Pugh
Happy birthday, Buzz!  Keep soaring! Robert Rose
Bon Anniversaire Cher Buzz ! Aldebarande
all the best, health, happiness and love for your 80th birthday! sending you lots of love from vienna, austria! lisa-maria jank
Have a wonderful birthday! Christine Vasko
A very happy birthday to you and my hopes for many more good years to come for you. If there was ever a man to a buzz into the space program, it would surely be you 🙂 Christian Lynbechr
happy b-day Buzz! it is my 14yo sons birthday today too
Many happy returns on this momentous day. I will always remember seeing you on the moon, in my youth. A. Marina Fournier, Campbell CA
You are indeed the rocket hero Buzz – Have a fantastic day 🙂 Myles Lee Crampton
Happy Birthday! Thanks for everything you’ve done for space exploration! Rebecca Ahern
Happy Birthday to our Rocket Hero!!! Dawn
Happy Birthday! Hope you have many more. Evan from South Africa Evan Dembskey
Happy Birthday and Thanks For All You Do! Ray Botelho
Happy birthday to a true American hero!  Thank you for everything you do.  I hope you have an amazing birthday!  Much love! Marissa
Happy Birthday and good wishes to a hero of our time. Jeannie Jewkes
Happy 80th birthday! Chris
Whatever your doing, keep doing it !  All best wishes, Ian Ian Paterson
Happy #80 Birthday to our favorite Rocket Hero.  You are a true inspiration, in every sense of the word.  We send our love. Florence & Wendell
I now cover your doctoral dissertation in my intro astronomy and physics classes! Happy B-day! Rolando M. Branly
dear buzz. very best wishes to your birthday from the reichert family in kent/england. you have sent my daughter isobel (space tiger) and my husband autographs. NASA anniversay book by Merrell/London. may i thank you so much for agreeing to do this. we as Veronika Reichert / England
Dear Buzz, Have an absolutely wonderful, memorable 80th birthday surrounded by your friends and loved ones! All the best and health, wealth and happiness for the coming year. . . The Plasa Family
Happy B-day Rocket man! Pam siegel zarte
Happy Birthday Hero!! Sally French
Happy Birthday, Mr. Aldrin!!!   Thank you for never stopping your mission!
Hi Buzz! Congratulations! You have a major role in mankinds history! Thank you! Kristian Kjelstad
Happy Birthday Colonel! You’re one hell of an American. Thank you, sir. Caude Shifflett
Happy Birthday Teena Elkins
Happy BDAY BUZZ Michael Clive
Happy Birthday Buzz!  You’re a great American hero!  An inspiration to us all! Jon Geier
‘Happy Birthday Buzz’, ¬†I was privIleged enough to share my 6th birthday with you and Neil’s small steps on our Moon, one giant memory for a small boy. Malcolm Lambert
What a Beautiful life you lead!  Here’s to many more Happy, Awesome and Adventurous Birthdays!  Love You Buzz!  :~D Sheryl L Rodriguez
Hope you have a wonderful birthday Steve Miller
Enjoy your day! You deserve it! Kyle
Have a very happy birthday! You are a true hero. Melissa J. Gilpin
Many Happy Returns of the Day, BUZZ ! If we measure in light-years, you are a new born!! Harish Pathria
Happy Birthday Buzz!!! Greg
Happy Birthday Buzz, Best Wishes! Tim Court
Happy birthday Buzz! Keep being awesome! Tim Kennedy
You’re the man.  Happy Birthday! Your favorite lawyer, Robert O’Brien
Happy 80th Buzz! May you have many more. Bruce Townley
Happy 80th Birthday ..You are a hero and inspiration to us all …It was a pleasure to meet you in Dublin,Ireland a few years ago, Thanks for the lecture, and autographs and photograph ! All the best to you Andrew Carson
America’s last great badass is still kicking. Stay classy. Casey Doran
My friend and idol Buzz! Happy birthday… I truly hope that you live another fantastic 80 years, full of achievements that no other human being can replicate . If you come again to Portugal to visit Vasco da Gama in your rocket powered car, please tell m Tiago Moura
Happy Birthday Buzz. Give ’em hell. Rick Mulheirn
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Thank you for all that you do in promoting space. Have a great day! Kelley Miller
Happy Birthday Buzz! it’s really cool to know that you will be visiting down here in NZ soon. Eric Rodgers
All the Best on Your Great Day. Adrian Broughton
Dear Buzz.. happy birtthday to you!!  my birthday is on 16 January…  January is a wonderful Month 🙂 Happy birthday, Sir 😀 Michele Gelmini
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for all of your inspiration! Jason Elam
Happy birthday, Buzz!! Thank you for all you do and have done. Anthony Adkins
Happy Birthday Buzz You are a national treasure. Here’s wishing you many, many more. Ciaran O’Donnell
Have a wonderful birthday!!! You don’t look a day over 30!  😉 karen sue brown
Happy Birthday Buzz! Come up to Devon Island soon! Stephen Braham
Happy birthday Buzz you are a hero! Andy Thomson
Hope you have a great Birthday! Darren Armstrong
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Julie DiCaro
Happy Birthday Buzz! National Wildlife Humane Society
Thanks for all your work in spreading science! Mike Murray
Dear Mr.Aldrin, Happy Birthday! I feel like it was only yesterday that you came to Buzz Aldrin ES and talked to us about your many adventures and your new book. Thank you for giving u that wonderful oppurtunity. Hope you have/had a good one! Mounika Kari
Happy Birthday Rocket Hero!!! You have been my hero for 40 years. Jayne Jones
Dear Buzz, Happy Birthday David J Cook
To a positive inspiration, a hero, a modest and eloquent gentleman, and a great spokesperson for science and education: Many Happy Returns! Adam Fox
Your friends at Arent Fox LLP hope you have a great birthday!  And many more!  You are a true American hero.  Thank you for your great service to our country. Steven Bledsoe
Happy Birthday Buzz, many more Wild Blue yonders Kelley Butler
Thank you for the inspirations Duane Stevens
Wishin’ you nothin’ but the best, today and always! Linda & Kirk Petty
Happy 80th Buzz! O hero of mine ([*_*]) Fenella Dunn
Happy Birthday from all the agents at HWAe Susan Simmons
Happy Birthday 🙂 Jose Alfaro
Happy 80th Birthday to you, a real american hero! May your birthday be as amazing as your life has been! NikkiD66
From the moment I "saw" you on the moon from my back patio in 1969, to when you graciously guested on my show in 2009… I knew you were a man who was… and IS… changing the world.  You are truly a rocket hero, and I can’t wait to see how else you will Pamela Atherton
happy birthday from connecticut Ray
Happy Birthday!! Adrian Brackin
Happy Birthday Buzz! You are my childhood hero and always will be. Please don’t give up on space exploration. All the best for many more years to come. Dirk Lammerts
HAPPY B-DAY, Senor Buzz. Saludos desde Mexico. Jose Torres
Happy Birthday, Buzz!  What a remarkable contribution you have made to all our lives.  Thank you for being a great advocate for science and space travel.  Enjoy your day! Gail
I was less than a year old when you made history by walking on the moon. Thanks for a lifetime of inspiration. Jamesey
Happy birthday, sir, and many, many happy returns! Mark Hennessey
Happy B-Day! Have a great one! Kim Wedow
Happy birthday Buzz! Marco Olivetti
Happy Birthday Buzz! You’re an inspiration to us all. Doug Forrest
Happy Birthday and Vaya con Dios, Buzz Bill Schreiner, Achieve Radio
Happy birthday Buzz, warm greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Fernando
Happy Birthday, Dr. Aldrin!  Your walk on the moon was the highlight of my youth. Eric Johnson, CDR, USN (Ret.)
Happy B-day Buzz!! It’s an honor to congratulate you on this day!! Have a good one! Tania Goicoechea
Happy 39th yet again! You’re such an overachiever you make me jealous! Many more to you. Matt Snyder
Happy Birthday – to one of the chosen few that have inspired millions. Greg
I wish you all the best Mr. Aldrin, you are an inspiring figure. Thank you for your courage and hard work. Hope you have a very, very Happy Birthday. Chiara
Happy Birthday! David Crotty
Best wishes to a real hero Julie Flegal
God grant you many years! Christopher Gorski
Happy Birthday! Thank you for being so kind to my kids at the Southern Festival of Books this October.  Hope you’ll read my article about it at  You were more than patient with my daughter & t Myrna I. Brown-Kainth
Very Happy 80th Birthday.  This has been such an exciting year! Greta Dorfman
Happy Birthday! God bless. (Remembering tales of your days at Johnsville NADC riding the "beast" – my dad, Harold Doerfel, helped train you guys on that.) Debbie Doerfel
Happy birthday rocket hero!! Alessandro
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin! You are my hero! Francesco Santagostino
Happy Birthday Dr.Aldrin ! I wish you all the best,especially healthiness.Many times,I remember back to my meeting with you in London in October 2005.It was a great experience for me and a dream was fulfilled.I hope to meet you sometimes again.Best from S Helmut Heisig
Happy Birthday!! Mauro Maiano
take care boss! Gianluca
Happy Birthday, Mr. Aldrin. And thank you to have helped the mankind to know more about the Moon and the space. Vincenzo Manzoni, Italy
Hi, you paved the way for us. Thank you. Speedbow
Happy birthday! Many wishes for 80 more years full of achievements and happyness Paolo
dear buzz , my name is denny i’m born on 20.january 1975 in germany. you are my hero!!!!!! ich w√ºnsche dir alles alles gute zum 80. geburtstag und das du deinen seelenfrieden findest. you are deep in my heart. i love you denny m√§hler
thanks for breaking the human limits, and remaining human Anonymous
Grandissimo uomo!!! Happy birthday Buzz!!! Paolo Andrea
Buon Compleanno dall’Italia Uomo della Luna! Dario
Happy Birthday, Dr Rendezvous! Roberto Ajolfi
happy birthday Buzz! Marco Nardi
Happy Buzzday 🙂 Daniele Orlandi
Mr. Aldrin … HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Italy to the greatest rocket hero! Leonardo Roda
Happy birthday, great man! roberto
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maurizio Giunti
Not just a year older, but a year better. Happy Birthday Buzz! Tait Denis
Happy Birthday from Italy Andrea Galli
happy birthday from Italy!! maia
Happy birthday. You will always be MANKIND Antonio De Rosa
Happy Birthday!!! (from Italy!) Chiara
Your achievements and those of your team continue to inspire my 5 yr old son who, watching the moon smiling down on a starry night, knows anything is possible. Enjoy the party Buzz! from Rory & his Daddy Brian O’Sullivan
Happy birthday Buzz! Fly me to the Moon! Cristian Riccardi
happy bithday buzz Guido
Happy Birthday Buzz!! When we’ll see you on Mars? Cheers! Salvatore
Happy Birthday, Hero! Edoardo
Tanti Auguri dal Lago di Como! Giuseppe Alfonso Toniolo
Happy Birthday, dear Buzz! You are and will be our "magnificent inspiration"! Thank you! Live long and prosper. Respectfully yours. Frederic Dieudonne
Happy 80th Dr. Aldrin I will always cherish you punching Sibrel in the chops ! Terry Lebermann,  Okla. city
Happy Birthday MOON WALKER Rajan Purewal
Tanti auguri Roberto Ferrero
Happy Birthday Buzz you’ll always be my hero! Carole J Chauncey
Your eyes saw thing we’ll never see… Happy Birthday, Buzz! Luigi Morielli
Happy 80th Birthday! Have a wonderful day. Best wishes for the next year. Carol Lisicandrello
Happy Birthday !!!! Adolfo Riva & Family
Happy Birthday!! thanks for making the dream true Dario Greggio
Happy birthday! Davide
happy birthday Mr. Rocket Man 🙂 elio
Buon compleanno, Buzz 🙂 Happy birthday Gabriella Gregori
Happy Birthday Buzz Roberto Giusti
Happy birthday, Buzz. Roger Launius
thanks to all those men who made greater the border of humankind possibilities. Happy birthday, Mr. Aldrin! Paolo Marcoz
Happy Birthday Buzz! Andy Smith
To infinity, and beyond!  Happy Birthday ! Marco Fossen
Thank you for all you have done to make America the best country in the world to live in.  Happy Birthday to you, may you be blessed with many more Joyce Collier
Happy Birthday Mr.Aldrin!!! You are the proof of the human greatness!!! Antonio (from Italy)
Hi Buzz, Happy Birthday!  All your friends at Hasselblad would like to wish you well on this special day.  Everyone still talks about how special you made our event at the Space Center last year.  We look forward to doing it again for the 50th Anniversary Mark Duhaime- Hasselblad
Happy Birthday Buzz! Paula
Happy Birthday Buzz! Hope this is your best year ever! AJ Herreman
Nice Job,sir.I am writing an article in a magazine and i am mentioning you. Ajay Kumar
Happy Birthday Buzz!!!!!!!!!!! Rick Hill
To an amazing man, a true pioneer of tremendous courage, strength, and resilience–and a great storyteller! Happy Birthday, Buzz! John Glusman, Shaye Areheart, and all of your friends at Harmony Books!
happy birthday big guy Nate Archibald
You’ll outlive us all!!! Frank Sietzen
Meilleurs voeux (best wishes) for your birthday, Mr. Aldrin! Your adventure back in 1969 is doubly important to me, since that was exactly the occasion on which my parents met (not everyone having a TV set at home in those days, in Europe anyway). So, I’m Serge K. Keller & my wife C√©cile Matthey Keller
Dear Mr. Aldrin, I was just a child when you landed on the moon: you were an hero for me! Happy birthday Mauro
To my dearest friend, Buzz.  Happy Birthday and best wishes for our great Explorer.  Your innovative vision and personal dedication enabled the most amazing and remarkable accomplishment in all of human history, and inspired the world, who can now see an Lewis Peach
Hey Buzz, You’re a hero to many, but you’ve been a friend to me and I can’t thank you enough. 40 years ago you took life to the moon but 80 years ago today life got a whole lot better on this planet! Cheers mate. Many more. Rob Godwin
Happy Birthday! We are two of your young relatives in Sweden and we wish you all the best. Maja,16 and Alma 9 years old. 🙂 Maja and Alma
Happy Birthday Buzz. You are a true American pioneer and Hero! Larry Capps
Ciao Buzz, tanti auguri con tutto il cuore! SEI UN GRANDE!! Massimo C.
Happy Birthday, Buzz! I’m a huge fan of the US Space Program! Barb Malone
Many Happy Returns Buzz. Love to you and Lois, Have  great day! Richard & Marietta Godwin
Happy 80th birthday to a very special guy. Going back in the family line I believe that we’re related on the Enberg side.Emma Irene Enberg Sandstrom was my grandmother. We’re still doing research and if you’re interested I’ll be happy to give you my cousi Pat Ordway
Happy Birthday Buzz – I saw you at Goodwood in the UK in September 2009 and having followed Apollo 11 so closely as a small child the opportunity  to see and listen to you within a few feet of me at this event was a great highlight and reminder of the ins Andrew Savage
Happy Birthday Buzz!  And many more. Ed Hoffman
happy birthday! Thank you for all you have done! drayton krikpatrick
Happy Birthday at school i am doing a report on you and my teacher told us that she went to school with your daugher Tessie lombardi
happy birthday. my teacher went to school with your daughter john elbert albritton II
Happy Birthday you are so awsome and i love learning about you I hope you have a great birthday Alyssa
Happy Brithday Buzz Aldrin Carmelita gamez
Happy Brithday Buzz! Hope You Have A Really Good 80 Brithday! Mikaela Cline
Happiest of years to you! The Cook Family
Buon Compleanno! Lorenzo Ferrazzutti
Hallo Buzz, alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag, vor allem ganz viel Gesundheit und ganz viele dicke Geschenke:-) Rolf Becker, Germany
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes from The Harry Walker Agency!
80 times Happy Birthday!! Martina Pelosi & Marco Zuppiroli
Ciao Buzz, grazie per averci fatto sognare e per averci portato sulla luna. Andrea (wuti) Aleardi
Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin .Thanks for letting us dream Costantino
Auguri!!!!!!!!! Ivan
Happy Birthday, Sir! Barbara Forbes-Lyons
Dear Buzz, As you celebrate the 41st anniversary of your 39th birthday, you have all the bounce in your step that you did in 1969 on the moon – and in 1949 at the end of a high jump run and leap … YOu astound, inspire and lighten our every day … Keep Bobby and Marina Charles
To a real American Hero! Thanks for your inspiration. Russell Yeagley
Happy birthday Buzz you are my favourite astronaut from Kyle age 9 in Scotland Kyle Hicks
Happy Birthday, Buzz. Keep up the good work. I count you as one of the blessings of this world. Many more happy years to you and your family! Phil Albee
Happy Birthday Buzz!!!!!!!! Dino
Happy Birthday Buzz, real American hero.  We love you. Clay
Happy Birthday!!! Best wishes from Brazil!!! Fernanda Rabello de Oliveira
Happy Birthday Buzz. You are my hero. Keep it up for 80 more. Joslyn Todd
Happy Birthday Buzz! I’ve just finished reading your original biog from 1973 – fascinating! about to start the new one this week… Shane Carter
Happy Birthday you ole Buzz-ard! 🙂 Ryan Sporer
You were my childhood hero, and my uncle (worked at KSC) called you the nicest man he knew. Happy Birthday, Buzz! Bob Dehnhardt
Happy 80th Birthday from a physicist now in Canada Brett Gaskin
Happy birthday, Mr. Alrdin!  You are a huge inspiration the world over and I hope you and yours celebrate a wonderfully memorable birthday! Brendan Mowat-Smith
Congratulations! Find it hard to understand you’re 80! Ren√© van den Abeelen
Happy Birthday Buzz! You really are a hero. CD
You are an inspiration to all dreamers, and a true American icon! Happy Birhtday Buzz! Shellie Howard
wishing you the best on your birthday. angel figueras
Great to see someone doing things at 80 and not just sitting and staring out of a window (unless that window happens to be on a space shuttle or rocket!). Happy Buzzday! Justin Hill
Have a great one! Robert Smith
Happy Birthday to one of the world’s greatest heroes! Patricia Russell
Happy Birthday Buzz! Laura Pipe
Congrats, moonman. Have a great day… Lars Helge Rasch
Happy birthday buzz! You inspired me so much and even though I’m growing up I still want to be like you 🙂 Jack Sheaf
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz. It was a pleasure and y privilege working with you in April 2008 at JSC for the book project. We are now in the final discussions for the project with you at ILA 2010 in Berlin. I am looking forward working with you again! Best w Gerhard Daum
Happy birthday to one of my heros and a lifelong badass! Jeff Strain
Happy Birthday! Heidi
Happy Birthday Buzz Daniele
You share your Birthday with my Mother, so It certainly is a great day!! Happy 80th Buzz!!  BTW – Thanks for your continued commentary on space endeavors.  Saw you on C-Span – it was great! Sandra Paul
Happy Birthday! Donna
Hope I’m having half as much fun as you are when I’m 80. Dave Noland
Thanks for being an inspiration to me from childhood through today. Happy 80th Birthday and many more, Mr. Aldrin. Contributing to the Haitian relief cause in your name. H. Perry
Thank you for your inspiration. You helped me realise that everything you dream is possible. It just takes money, time, guts, effort, dedication and perserverance. Happy birthday! Erik Meijerink
Happy Birthday! Thanks for continuting to share you passion for space and its exploration! Chandra
Happy Birthday, Buzz!! Tom Madigan
Wishing you a very happy birthday, watched you on the moon as a little boy – a special memory. Jimmy Fraser
Engine arm off.80 is in! RobertNPowers
Happy Birthday, Rocket Hero.  From your friends at HOMAGE. Ryan Vesler
Happy Birthday Buzz!  You have reached two major milestones.  One on earth and one on moon.  Congrations! Patti Lacey
Happy 80 Mr. Aldrin! You walked on the moon and were on "The Simpsons." What a life! Patrick Dentinger
Buzz, my dad worked on most of the Apollo missions and all the shuttle missions through Challenger, and from my earliest childhood he taught me about the heroes of the space program and the importance of exploration, science, and innovation.  You have mad RaeAnne Forrest
Happy Birthday Buzz!!! You truely are an Amarican Hero James
Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin!!! I didn’t exist in -69, when you went to the moon, but sometimes wished I had seen it all live on TV. Realtime. I loved the Cape and I know you had something to do with that show. Happy Birthday to you sir, again, and many mor Kaija, from Finland
Buzz, happy birthday dude… Troy
The Nevin Family wishes you the happiest 80th birthday! We pray you have 100 more happy birthdays! Angel Nevin
Hope you have many more. Malcolm
Hi Buzz, Happy Birthday, thanks for the adventures! Christian Baril
Happy Birthday Buzz! Sean Spencer
Happy Birthday!  The moon landing was my first memory, shaped my life and got me interested in the wonders of the universe.  Thanks!  Olly Olly
Happy Birthday, Buzz!!  You are amazing and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you! 🙂 Jayme Taylor
Happy Birthday and all the best for the future! Astrid Kuzia
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Eric DeGrave
Only someone as badass cool as you celebrates his 80th birthday in Antarctica! Happy birthday, Buzz! Guy McLimore
Happy Birthday!! Brian
Feliz Cumpleaños, Maestro al karajo
Happy birthday, Brother Buzz! Mark A. Adams, Jr.
Happy Birthday From Brasil ! You’re my hero! Raphael Argolo Silva
HBD Buzz, you da man Mark Goebel
Happy 80th Buzz! Chris Katz
happy birthday you dont look 80 your looking great sage busch
Happy 80th Birthday! You were walking on the moon the year I was born and I’ve been hooked on space exploration ever since!! Have a wonderful and blessed day! Kristin Rachel
Happy b’day Buzz!!! Gaurav Kakad
happy birthday you lucky lucky man – my dad wishes he was you! kisses xx julie
congrats – on 80th mdjeb
Happy Birthday, Buzz!  You’ve given inspiration to countless lives, including my own. Kevin Ostlie
Happy Birthday Buzz! Scott Anderson
happy 80th birthday to a true pioneer and modern day hero! thank you for leading the way for many generations to come! jessica jensen
Hope you have an amazing birthday! Christy
Happy B-Day Buzz…2 infinity & beyond… Jeff Gibson
Happy Birthday Buzz! Your one of my heroes! Michael Deering
Happy 80th! Thanks for all you have done for the cause of space exploration. Karl Anderson
Happy Birthday Buzz! Way to go! Steve
Happy Birthday Buzz!  Celebrate 80 big and in style. James Green
Happy Birthday Buzz! Keep up all the good work, and come back to the UK soon! Mike Constantine
Happy Birthday from everybody at Funny or Die! We’re listening to ‘Rocket Experience’ all day today to celebrate! Funny or Die
Happy Birthday! 🙂 Lindsey Smith
Happy Birthday, Buzz! We here at Popular Mechanics wish you the moon, and Phobos, and, of course, Mars… Jennifer Bogo
Happy birthday from the West Midlands of the UK, Buzz – and where can I get one of those awesome Rocket Hero shirts? Philip Whitehouse
Happy Birthday to you sir. William Benton
Auguri ad uno degli eroi del nostro tempo =D Giorgio
Conratulations Buzz, my father gave me his name because when you walk on the moon and he learned that I was born audrin
Happy Birthday, Buzz!  I was watching in 1969 and I am still a fan!  Always wanted to know if you wrote your name in the moon dust…like "Buzz was here". Jay Stearns
Happy birthday Buzz, you are an inspiration to whom I look up to everyday! Sumit Gupta
Happy 80th Birthday from Brazil! Omar Guazzelli
Happy 80th Birthday to one of my heroes.  Thank you for all you’ve done and all you continue to do.  Have a wonderful day!! Mary Ellen Hamm
Happy 80th! You have been and continue to be an inspiration and role model to 3 generations in my family. Thank you! Regan Shaw
Happy birthday, mr. Aldrin. And a starry starry year. Eduardo Garcia
Happy Birthday Buzz! Wish you could celebrate it at Tranquility Base Bill Callaway
Happy birthday, Buzz!  Thank you for all that you have done! John Whiting
Colonel Aldrin- Happy Birthday! Thank you for what you have done and continue to do to insure our nation’s leadership in space. John Riney III
Happt Birthday dude!!! cyndi
happy birthday from holland saskia
Dear Mr. Aldrin,  the best congratulations to your 80th birthday wish you from Munich/Germany  Christian Kempinger. Live long and prosper Christian Kempinger
Wishing you the best!!! Cliff Hochman
Keep on keepin’ on Moon Man. Happy birthday and many more happy returns. Kirstie Bray
Happy, Happy Birthday!!  Keep up your passion:) Johnnie Chamberlin-Brooks
Happy Birthday Buzz,Great Man, Great Legend Ross Brooker
Happy Birthday! Eric Uram
happy birthday Stefano Bardelli
Happy birthday to a true hero! Jason Levine
happy biurhtday 🙂 i have been learning about you at school today. chloe olney
Buzz – you look great – here’s to another 80! Robert Valente
Happy birthday, and may you have many more! Catherine
Happy Birthday Rocket Man! Thank you for your service to science, to your country and to the world! Lori Kincses
Happy Birthday Buzz!  You represent a time and a set of accomplishments that I wish the US was able to recreate Jeff Owen
Happiest Birthday, Rocket Man!  You are a HERO!!! marisa
Happy Birthday Buzz! I enjoy your tweets! Della Darling Galvin
Happy b’day Buzz! You continue to be a huge inspiration. James
Happy Birthday!! You’re considered a hero to many!! Brett B.
happy birthday to a brave man lynne murphy
Happy birthday from Niagara Falls, Canada, Buzz!!! John Robbins
Happy 80th birthday from everyone at Fight For Children in Washington, DC. Thank you for being an inspiration to kids everywhere to reach for their dreams! Come visit us in DC soon! Fight For Children
You are the moon! Jeff MacKay
You are a legend and hero to all from now until eternity! Wishing you a phenominal 80th birthday! Kindest regards, Laura Brett (Toronto, ON Canada) Laura Brett
To Buzz, who "moonwalked" before Michael Jackson:  HBD! Evelyn Caro
Happy Birthday you old Spacer! I still owe you a DVD. Paul Graham
Happy Birthday Buzz! #2 astronaut on the moon, #1 with a right hook! Chris DiBona
happy birthday buzz! were doing a project on you today!!! your #1 fan
Happy Birthday to our hero. not only the moon will remember you Gianluca A
Happy 80th birthday, you have always been a hero to me Magne Paulsen
Happy birthday and many more to come. David Miller
Wishing you a happy 80th birthday x Jenny and Josh Hill and Charlie C.
Happiest of birthdays to a GREAT American hero, patriot and wonderful person!!! John Gunselman
Happy Birthaday Buzz you have always been a hero of mine Tom
I hope you have a wonderfully happy birthday! Sarah Heisler
Happy Birthday Buzzer, to my best friend who ever walked on the Moon & many more! Robin Snelson
Happy Birthday Buzz! Bob Atwater (Steve Fossett’s Buddy!)
Wow! Happy birthday from Italy, Buzz! Thanks to you, when I was a child I dreamed the Moon every night for many years and became an Astronomy fan! Marvelous! Sal
You’re just the greatest! Hope your day is, too! Janice G. Augustus
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Buzz Happy Birthday to you! Have a great 80th Billie Blanchard
On this day -29,220 revolutions of moon ago, you were born. With that being said, Happy 701,280 hours (and counting) Birthday Mr. Aldrin… MarcJohn ‘MJ’ Galera
Happy Birthday! Ann
We are looking forward to a birthday rap!  Happy birthday from all of us grateful space cadets.  May the next 80 have as many adventures as the first 80! George Whitesides
Happy Birthday, very nice work you have done in yor live,  To be continued…! You are an Idol Klaus
Happy Birthday!!! Michelle
Happy Birthday to the greatest moonwalker of them all! you have been and continue to be a shining example of what mankind is able to achieve if it sets its mind to it. We wish you many more moons! With love- Walter, Lynn, and Chloe De Logi Walter, Lynn, and Chloe De Logi
To Infinity and Beyond! Happy Birthday Buzz! Greg Countie
Happy Birthday to the Coolest Rapper I Know! Linn LeBlanc
Happy Birthday Buzz! I was pleased to meet you several years ago at a book signing in London, UK. Astronomy rules! Hope you enjoy your birthday. Cynthia Williams
happy birthday rocket hero theothermandy
Happy Birthday! My dad, Marty Marinoff is principal of Buzz Aldrin Elementary. He shared the link of your visit to the school which included the YouTube video of Rocket Experience, that you did with Snoop Dogg. I never knew about your collaboration until Marissa Sweeney (Marinoff)
Hey Buzz, Happy birthday, Here in London we dont see the stars but thanks to you we can imagine them!! you inspired me to be intereseted in Astronomy as a child.. and at 42 i am still fascinated.. Thankyou ..hope Antartica was inspiring..  If your ever in Phil Harris
Birthday Wishes from your friends and colleagues at AIAA! Susan Goldstein
Happy birthday, Buzz!  Hope to see you in Atlanta soon.  Loved the new book! Dave Thompson
Happy Birthday Mr Aldrin ursusbruno
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thanks for inspiring us! Stacey Brooks
Happy birthday! Tim Chemacki
You where always one of my heros. Happy birthday Col. Aldrin! Maria Larre
Happy 80th Birthday Janet Lambert
Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin! From Norway! Martin Andre Giskegjerde
Happy birthday, Buzz! Seems I’m just one day off sharing a birthday with one of the planet’s greatest living heroes! Darryn Mercer
I wish you all the best for your Thank you for what you did. Mathias Sander
Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a great year. Latanne Steel
Happy Birthday! Amina
Happy Birthday from Vicenza (Italy) ! Thank you for your bravery ! pierchiodo
Happy Birthday Buzz. Here’s hoping that they send you back into space!!!! Jason Rice
Mike, Rory, Ted & I wish you many happy thoughts & lots of future B-days!!! Kate Kronmiller
For my Rocket Hero I wish you the best birthday ever! Antonio de la Cerda
Happy Birthday Dr. Aldrin! Sincerely,  Veronica Crowley
Buon Complenno e grazie paolo
Happy Birthday, Buzz! Hope it is a wonderful year! Dawn and Lou Antonis
Happy birthday, the penguins were all dressed up for it! Kenneth Ransom
Simply… Happy Birthday!!! Alessandra
C:\Users\Ely\Pictures\BUZZ\image-1.jpgBuzz- Happy Birthday! I’m from Montclair & this is my Dad going to "fit" you with football cleets. He will be 90 in April! Steve Ely
I’m honoured to be able to give Birthday wishes to a living legend.  Not only one of the greatest living explorers, but a worthy champion of space exploration.  Buzz Aldrin – Explorer, hero, and one of the last real men around.  Happy Birthday Sir! Richard G.Jewell
Happy Birthday Buzz your landing on the moon for me was also historic in my eyes too. I was only seven but I remember it like it was yesterday. I have watched every lauch since then! Michael Teepell
Happy Birthday Dr. Rendezvous. Tostao
Happy birthday, and thanks for the inspiration! Corky Visminas
Your friends at Fox News Channel wish you a very happy birthday! clay rawson
Happy birthday to a real-life Superman. You are greatness redefined, and what you and Apollo 11 accomplished changed the trajectory of humankind and ensured our survival into the future. Thank you!  Back here on earth, wishing you a long and happy life. Bobbie Volman
We hope you have a great birthday!  It’s great to be friends with you on FB.  We are glad our Nana is friends with you .  What you have achieved in your life time is awe inspiring.  God Bless you for all that you have done.  May you have many more Happy B Peg Meddaugh and son Tyler (8 yrs old)
Happy birthday, Buzz! You and the other Apollo astronauts were my boyhood heroes! William Jorns
Happy happy birthday and thanks for the inspiration! Todd
Happy B Day Erick Ries
Tantissimi auguri ad uno degli ultimi grandi eroi della storia moderna! Cristiano Merati
Hey Buzz! You’re an inspiration to reach the goals one has, hope to meet you once! Best wishes! Mick
Let’s go to Mars! Have a great birthday, Buzz! Matthew Guthmiller
Happy Birthday from Tuscany, Buzz. No moon here, this night. Maybe she’s with you for a party? Lapo Gialluca
Happy Birthday! May you live to 120! Cindy Cohen
Happy Birthday Buzz. You are an hero for the humankind. Federico
Many Happy returns, I hope you have a wonderful day. Linda
I hope your birthday is as special as you are! Xena
Happy birthday from the netherlands Bart
Very happy birthday from Italy Angelo
Happy Birthday to an amazing guy! Tonya Hayworth
Happy Birthday Buzz. You are, as ever, an inspiration. Hope this next orbit round the Sun is a wonderful one for you. Catherine Qualtrough
All the best to you Buzz!!! Chuck Adams
Happy Birthday Buzz! Your excitement for life motivates me to further future sciences. Thank you for your life’s work and contributions to discovery. I love you! Happy Birthday Handsome! Catherine McKee
Have a Happy Out of This World Birthday.  It was great meeting you at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island. Thanks for signing your book and answering my question on how long you were on the moon. I am doing my 3rd grade report on you. Hope to hea Joshua Stumm
Live long and prosper – the world needs more pioneers like you. Happy Birthday! Bertie Kennedy
Happy 80th Orbit since Birth! N.Branch
I cannot believe I am here wishing YOU, Buzz Aldrin* HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I would give you the Moon, but you gave it to me first. Swooning ; ) with utmost  admiration, : ) …am I dreaming? Your friend to Infinity, Tammy Anderson Parker Tammy Anderson Parker
Happy Birthday, Buzz. Arden Rathkopf (age 4)
You are that kind of man who give enthusiasm to others and make all of us proud to be a Human. My Best Wishes! Antolin Martinez
Happy Birthday Buzz. I was in Palm Bay Fl July 20, 69 watching you on my parents large black and white Motorola. Only 30 miles away we could feel the ground shake when you lifted off. My dad was an engineer working on telemetry antennas for you. I’ve enjo Stan Weyer
Happy birthday, steely eyed missile man! Dan G
Happy Birthday, Dr. Aldrin. I appreciate your autographing Magnificent Desolation at the Marina Del Rey Costco recently, and hope to attend your next signing as well…that goes for all of your next dozen or so books, as well. Best Regards for a joyful an Paul Clay
Happy Birthday from Tucson, AZ! My brother has original pictures of the lunar landing one of the astronauts gave to my grandmother, who was the vice consul of the Mexican consulate when you traveled to Mexico. Take care! Mayim Stapleton
Happy Birthday Dr. Aldrin! Ryan Kobrick
Happy birthday! You made space exploration more interesting than my science teachers did! Mike Smith
Happy Birthday Ben Wiggins
Buzz, Wishing you all the best as you celebrate your .8 century! Barbara Adde
Happy birthday BUZZ !! Fernando Santos Ramirez
Happy Birthday, Buzz!!!  You truly are my "rocket hero!" 🙂 KJ McLean
BUZZ, I am so honoured to be your FB-Friend and to have the chance to CELEBRATE your Birthday wich i do on my page today, THANKYOU for all you´ve done, all you do and all you are, With wishes of joy and happiness for you BUZZ, HAPPY B-DAY, Anna Wennerhol Anna Wennerholm
OMG….Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin, You are an inspiration to all. I hope you have a great birthday. Ellen Harrison
Happy Birthday Buzz!!  Make it a good one! Kimberly
Dear Mr. Aldrin ~ Hello, my name is Max and I am eleven today, January 20th.  We share a birthday which I think is epic. I hear you are 80 today. Happy Birthday!  A few years back you signed a copy of your book Reaching for the Moon for me.  Thank you so Max Sechelski
Happy birthday, Buzz Clayton Moore
Have a Great Birthday Buzz!! Your exploration of the moon inspired me to get my Ph.D in geology and apply for the astronaut program.  Thanks for your service to this country. Frederick Stumm
Happy Birthday Buzz!! Thank you for all you do! Daryl Maxwell
Happy ‚ÄúBuzz Aldrin‚Äù Day, Buzz.  Congrats on 80 inspiring years.  Ad Astra! Rob Adams
woohoo 80! isabel
Happy BD to a real American hero and living legend! todd heup
may their be menny more kenneth
Your inspirational leadership moves worlds, Buzz. Happy Birthday. Stan Rosen
Happy Birthday, Dr. Rendevous! Don Moffatt
Dr. Aldrin – A very happy birthday from all of us at Mark Burnett Productions! David Eilenberg
happy birthday to 1 of my hero i just fond out that we have the same birthday cool Robert V Mcbaryer III
hi buzz! i just finished your book, magnificent desolation, today! corey okada
Happy Birthday Buzz your one of a kind!!! Raymond
Belated happy birthday! Suzanne Rebert
Hey Buzz, Happy 80th!  Have a rocketing good time. Rob
God bless you! – Dio ti benedica! Giovanni Battista Mura
Happy Birthday Sir, Congrats on hitting 80 Keep shooting for the century mark!!! Kenneth Weber
Happy Birthday Buzz! Thomas Matula
Happy Bithday Buzz! From Becky and the team at Total Licensing. Becky Ash, Total Licensing
Auguri! Thanks for last year’s fantastic interview. You’re a great man Silvia Rosa-Brusin
Happy Birthday! Thank you for inspiring budding scientists everywhere! God bless 🙂 Sarah, who’s dream’s always been to see Earth from Space!
tanti auguri uomo della LUNA Vittorio
Dear Mr. Aldrin, I wish you a all the best for your 80th birthday. Since you walked on the Moon you inspired my life! Andreas P. Bergweiler
Happy Birthday!! Fabio Angelucci
The original space man best for the next 40 years Steve
Happy birthday, Buzz! Riccardo
Have a very Happy Birthday and many more of them, love from Cambridge UK Jill Crossley
happy birthday sir……… Roy
Happy Birthday to a true hero. Paul Mathur
Celebrate! Patty and Scott Carpenter
happy birhday  mister buzz gianluca e gabriele atti
happy birthday professor mark sterns
u r my role model buzz. Godspeed!! Ankit Kumar
BUZZ, YOU HAVE DONE WHAT SO MANY OF US DREAM—-thank you for your triumph & thank you for your endurance beyond!!! dawn saliba
happy birthday Buzz, funnily today is also M birthday !! i was born  21-GEN-but in 1968 and  my mother said that while You landed the moon i was sleeping !! but her destroyed the sofa with fingernails !!! Franco
Have a great birthday and many, many more! Jan DuRaine
Happy Birthday Buzz! David Lane
Happy birthday Buzz!!  Have a fantastic day. Laurie McGee
Happy Birthday Hero IcarusDream
Happy Birthday Buzz. I hope you had a great day! Joseph C
Dear mr.Buzz, i never dreamed that i have a choice to wrote you and wish you allthe best for zour birthday, with love from Europe, Slovenija, Mateja
I hope you had a very happy 80th Mr. Aldrin lisa-v-
Congratulations! Niklas Finne
Happy Birthday, my friend. Dean Davis
hi rock fabio
Dear Buzz, My very best wishes for a happy birthday and a year of happiness and good health–see you soon. Love, Lynn Booth Lynn Booth
Happy Birthday Buzz!!!! André Kjernsli
Gee, I’m growing shy, what can I say? In my humble opinion, surely you are a space hero, but more than this, you’re such a good and decent person! Happy birthday, Buzz, and keep rockin’! Mariagrazia Troia
you are the inspiration that made me become a pilot, and like you I have been diving for most of my life! Greg
Alle the best for you Buzz and Lois. Hope to see you soon. Peter Groschupf
Happy Birthday Mr. Buzz…from an Italian enthusiastic admirer! Francesco Favara
Happy Birthday, Buzz! You took me too to the Moon! Andrea Martinotti
Happy 80th Birthday Astro. Buzz sir. You are my rocket hero. 🙂 Jimmy Fox
All the best Buzz you are an amazing person. Paul Sharpless
Hey there Buzz! Happy 80th! Rick Shope
Happy Birthday!!! Maureen White
Happy Birthday Buzz, i,ve always wanted 2 go 2 the MOON like you & Neil did, well done on turning 80 ! ! ! Carl Virkus
Wishing the best to a true American Hero! Neddie Berrios
Hope you had a great birthday Buzz.  Have many more in the future Jimmie Martinez
To a legend, and a great man..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope you have many, many, many more so my children can one day learn and listen of the legend himself! David Fried
Happy Birthday, Buzz !! YOu are still a hero to all of us (including ME !!) David Weaver
Happy Birthday or maybe happy Birthweek, from Venezuela, to my child hero when I was 6 o 7 years, the world need anymore man like you, take care buzz. Pablo Escalante
Mr. Aldrin, in an age of such superficial role models, you have been among a very few that set an unbreakable precedent. Although the chances of me ever getting as far as you or Neil are slim to none, the dream of touching beyond the shoreline of the surf Benjamin J Saffer
thank U SIR >SIRE enjoy ykrem
Hi,Buzz, I wish you happy Birthday, keep going to 100 years old. Massive  Energy  from time to time. wanchun  xia
Best Wishes Buzz!! Get us back to the moon!! Jeff Petersen
Thank you for 80 years of inspiration! Orion Burns
Well done Buzz.  You are a living legend! Peter
All the very best. I was almost 9 years old back then and I still clearly remember your landing. Outstanding! Frank Spartalis
My dear brother, happy birthday and remember : it’s as important to be lighted by the sun than by the moon; in order to leave the perpendicular as to meet the vertical level. Let be our master. Brotherly regards from France. GRANGER Jacques
Happy 80th.. may you have another 80 years.  We and our children enjoyed seeing you on the USS Hornet in July 2009 Jodan & Pamela
Happy Birthday from Rome (Italy)! Roberto Robotti
I was born on the night of 7/20/69 and have always shared ‘my day’ with your ‘small step for man, giant leap for mankind’! May there be many more happy and healthy birthdays for you! Annebet van Weerelt
Happy Birthday Buzz. With kind regards and respect from singapore emmanuel
Happy 80th Birthday Buzz, from all your fans in Ireland! Go n-√©iri an bothair leat. (May the road rise with you.)   All the best, John John Caffrey
Best wishes for your 80th birthday from Cologne/Germany Karola
Happy Belated Birthday!! Just found your GI Joe action figure yesterday and found out it was your special day. Hope you had a great one. Terry Terry Bell
Celebrate! Enjoy your 80th orbit round the sun! Love and thanks for all you do! Gina (TPS) in Boston Gina
Many happy returns Buzz!! Tassos Syngrassides
Hey Buzz ! See you on the moon ? Filip
Happy Birthday Buzz! I am doing a report on you! Isabella Recca
Happy Belated! In the middle of "Return to Earth" right now! Adam Lamar – Burbank, CA
Happy birthday Buzz! Tom Bernard
Happy birthday Buzz! I was born on that magical day, when you were on the Moon.. Marco Sanfelici
Happy Birthday from Italy and my family Massimiliano Cerruti
Hello Mr. Aldrin! Late but from the heart. I miss you when you were in Vienna. Best wishes! Günter Kleinschuster
I am an aviation artist and let me know if I could draw a portrait of you and where I could send it….Kind Regards, Ashlie Owens
Happy birthday Buzz! When I read that you’d taken Communion on the Moon, I literally wept for joy. Thank you! God bless you, have a wonderful day. Sarah Moore
Happy Birthday late, i’m sorry! Felipe
Dr. Aldrin, Our nation is so very fortunate to have such a courageous legend to represent us in such monumental feats as you have achieved. I wish you the very very happiest of extended bithdays possible! Paula Reynoso
Wish you great health and happiness!!!Kick in ass all conspirators!!!Happy Birthday! Emil Kyostebekov
Thank you for your autograph back in 2000.  Best Wishes on your Birthday. Silvio Delgado Jr.
Happy Birthday Buzz, I work at Spacex and missed seeing you on Sat when they were throwing you a party at our site. Hope you have a great birthday, and thanks for your work as an astronaut. Mark Baggetta
Happy Birthday Buzz Mark Podlesh
To my childhood hero … Happy 80th birthday.  Many thanks for all the excitement you gave us in your career and the education we all benfitted from your journey.  What a time that was !!!  God Bless. Stephan Cheney
Happy birthday from Tuscany, Buzz. Giovanni "Nanni" Cambria
happy birthday man of the moon! cow
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